Robots, Drones Becoming Workhorses for Agriculture Jan 3, 2020

    🕔Jan 3, 2020
    The small, rolling vehicle looks a bit like something out of a science fiction film as it moves slowly across a barren patch of land on Kansas State University’s North […]

    Texas: Drones in Weed Management – Better Tech Needed Dec 10, 2019

    🕔Dec 10, 2019
    Remote sensing provides an alternative to ground-based manual scouting for weeds in agriculture fields. And, while many advances have been made, many are still needed in the area of weed […]

    Weed Management: Taking Drones Beyond Scouting – Video Sep 26, 2019

    🕔Sep 26, 2019
    UAV technology is being incorporated into agriculture, from scouting crops and fruit trees to counting and tracking cattle. Two members of the GROW team are working on projects to incorporate […]

    Is Unmanned Aerial Weed Control Ready for Takeoff? Sep 18, 2019

    🕔Sep 18, 2019
    Scientists with the Weed Science Society of America say unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) may soon revolutionize weed management. And it’s easy to see why.

    Farming Smarter, Quicker Using High Quality Imagery – DTN Aug 19, 2019

    🕔Aug 19, 2019
    Images captured 5,000 feet above Greg Armes’ cotton fields are more than just pretty pictures.  The high-resolution photos taken by Ceres Imaging, based in Oakland, California, are intricate and colorful. […]

    Kansas: Water, Soil Conservation Field Day, Moundridge, Aug. 23 Aug 13, 2019

    🕔Aug 13, 2019
    The Flickner Innovation Farm will host its first-ever field day event on Friday, August 23, highlighting current work by local producers, industry members and Kansas State University researchers to conserve […]

    Alabama: SmartMap Apps Help with Drone Aerial Imaging Jun 7, 2019

    🕔Jun 7, 2019
    Technology is the future. While technology has been in homes, businesses and classrooms for many years, now technology is also helping those who work and play outdoors. The newest SmartMap […]

    Tree Crops: Will Robots Help Protect Orchards from Frost Damage? Mar 26, 2019

    🕔Mar 26, 2019
    A system that helps tree-fruit growers avoid frost damage to their crops by using unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, and ground-based robots could be on the horizon, thanks to Penn […]

    Texas Livestock: Can Drones Aid Sick Cattle? Feb 27, 2019

    🕔Feb 27, 2019
    Scientists within The Texas A&M University System are testing new technologies at a feedlot in the Texas Panhandle to find ways to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock and […]

    Corteva Pushes Heavily Into Drone Mapping Feb 25, 2019

    🕔Feb 25, 2019
    Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, announced today a global agreement with DroneDeploy to use DroneDeploy in its fleet of more than 400 DJI drones across the Company’s global Seed Production and […]


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