Tennessee Cotton: Disease Scouting – What to Look For – Video

🕔Jul 24, 2019This video features Heather Kelly discussing diseases to look out for in cotton fields this summer.

Mississippi: Cotton Blue Disease – What You Should Know

🕔Jul 24, 2019Typically, plant viruses induce outward symptoms that may appear in the form of plant stunting, misshapen leaves, or even a coloration difference in the younger leaves that oftentimes can be […]

Hemp: Powdery Mildew Fungus – 8 Facts to Know

🕔Jul 24, 2019Powdery mildew can affect numerous plants, including fruit, vegetable, and agronomic crops, as well as woody and herbaceous ornamentals. Kentucky hemp is also susceptible to this disease. Plants infected early […]

Tennessee Cotton: Diseases – What To Be on Lookout For

🕔Jul 24, 2019The usual foliar spotting has been seen: leaf spot complex and target spot. In addition to the fungal leaf spot, bacterial blight leaf symptoms have also been reported

Missouri Corn, Soybeans: Midseason Disease Decisions

🕔Jul 23, 2019Scouting and making management decisions for disease will bring a few challenges this season. Across the state, there is a considerable amount of developmental variability in the corn and soybean […]

Illinois Corn: Southern Rust Moving In – Scout Your Fields

🕔Jul 23, 2019Last week we started picking up Southern rust in the southern Illinois. Thusfar, reports indicate that disease severity is low. However, the recent hurricane remnant and warm forecasts may mean […]

Ohio Corn: Disease Risk in Late Planted Crops

🕔Jul 23, 2019In Ohio, several foliar diseases are of greater concern in late-planted corn for a number of reasons, including: 1 – for diseases like gray leaf spot (GLS), northern corn leaf […]

Missouri Corn: Southern Rust Confirmed In Upper Midsouth

🕔Jul 22, 2019Southern rust has been detected in southeast Missouri. University of Missouri State Extension Plant Pathologist Kaitlyn Bissonnette indicated that southern rust was first confirmed last week in Pemiscot County in […]

Mississippi Corn: Late Season Scouting Priorities – Podcast

🕔Jul 19, 2019In the wake of Hurricane Barry, Dr. Erick Larson, MSU Extension – State Corn Specialist and Mr. Nolan Stapleton, MSU Extension Associate – Corn Verification Program give a late season […]

Arkansas Rice: Sheath Blight Concern After Days of Heavy Rain

🕔Jul 19, 2019High humidity and warm temperatures are the best recipe for sheath blight (Figure 1) disease to progress fast (Figure 2) in rice. The disease progresses fast both vertically and horizontally. […]

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