Arkansas Rice: Midseason Nitrogen Timing, Scouting for Leaf Blast Jun 25, 2022

🕔Jun 25, 2022
Who needs a little relief from this heat wave?  That was a rhetorical question.  The rice is loving it, so long as you can keep the water to it.  It […]

Arkansas Rice: Time to Scout for Root Health Jun 22, 2022

🕔Jun 22, 2022
Often the effect of iron sulfide and hydrogen sulfide toxicity cause black coating and root rot in some soil types. The problem may start as early as a couple of […]

Alabama Corn: Southern Rust Detected, Southern Counties on High Alert Jun 21, 2022

🕔Jun 21, 2022
Southern corn rust was confirmed in Baldwin County with the help of Regional Extension Agent Guilherme Morata last week. This is the first report of the disease in Alabama in 2022. […]

Nebraska Wheat: Pre-Harvest Hail Elevates Risk for Wheat Streak Mosaic in 2023 Jun 20, 2022

🕔Jun 20, 2022
In recent weeks, there have been widespread hailstorms in the wheat growing regions of Nebraska, including the Panhandle, southwest, south-central and southeast. These hailstorms have shattered grain to the ground […]

Nebraska Soybeans: Fungicide Resistance and Management of Frogeye Leaf Spot Jun 20, 2022

🕔Jun 20, 2022
Frogeye leaf spot (FLS) of soybean is an important disease in Nebraska. While FLS has not yet been confirmed in the state during the 2022 growing season, producers should expect […]

Indiana Corn: Tar Spot – What To Know And New Research Jun 18, 2022

🕔Jun 18, 2022
What is Tar Spot? Due to its relatively recent U.S. discovery and its ability to cause significant production and economic losses, tar spot is often a topic of angst and […]

Virginia Peanuts: When to Start Spraying for Leaf Spot Other Diseases Jun 17, 2022

🕔Jun 17, 2022
I have had a few questions about starting a peanut fungicide program on slow growing or late planted peanuts recently. The rule of thumb date I typically use is if […]

Kentucky Hemp: Dealing with Septoria Leaf Spot Jun 16, 2022

🕔Jun 16, 2022
Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is grown both outdoors and in greenhouses.  Outdoor-grown hemp is susceptible to infection by leaf spot fungi that affect other crops and nearby plants, especially during periods […]

Texas Blacklands Cotton: Keep Scouting for Fleahoppers, Aphids Jun 13, 2022

🕔Jun 13, 2022
GENERAL A full week of dry and excessively hot temperatures has taken a toll on the areas corn crop and is not helping the cotton crop as it is trying […]

Alabama Corn: Southern Rust Alert for Southeast Counties Jun 9, 2022

🕔Jun 9, 2022
Southern rust was confirmed in two counties in South Georgia last week and more will follow.  This is a little early for that disease to develop and suggests a real […]

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