Tennessee Soybeans: Dealing with Dectes Stem Borer – Video Mar 3, 2020

🕔Mar 3, 2020
A YouTube video from Dr. Nick Seiter from the University of Illinois that does a good job of reviewing this biology and management of Dectes stem borer in soybeans.

Tennessee Soybeans: Dectes Stem Borer – Not as Bad as You Think Feb 7, 2020

🕔Feb 7, 2020
Over the years and several times in the last month, I’ve had folks tell me how bad Dectes stem borer hurt their soybean yields. Almost without exception, they describe low […]

Illinois Soybeans: Dectes Stem Borer and Lodged Plants Nov 29, 2018

🕔Nov 29, 2018
Many soybean growers have had problems with lodging at harvest this year. The primary culprit for this (as for many of our woes this fall) was the extended period of […]

Kentucky Soybeans: Management Tips for Continuous Production Feb 9, 2018

🕔Feb 9, 2018
There is a lot of interest this year in second year and even third or more year soybean. If you are thinking about growing continuous soybean this year there are […]

Nebraska Soybeans: Check for Dectes Stem Borer Damage Oct 31, 2017

🕔Oct 31, 2017
We have received several reports of stem breakage caused by Dectes stem borer in eastern Nebraska. In some cases, these fields were not previously known to be infested with Dectes […]

Delaware Soybeans: Dectes Stem Borers – Why More Now? Sep 9, 2016

🕔Sep 9, 2016
Since the fall of 2013, we have seen an increase in soybean lodging losses due to Dectes stem borer larvae. Although some have asked if we are seeing an expansion […]

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