California Almonds: Bee Hours – Dissecting The Metric

🕔Mar 18, 2019Almond growers have been a-buzz on the topic of bee hours. The concept of a bee hour was designed as a proxy for the amount of good bee foraging weather […]

California Almonds: 3 Items On Sac Valley’s Check List For February

🕔Jan 23, 2019In February… #1. Protect flowers with fungicides during bloom. See this article on disease control considerations at bloom. #2. Consider honeybee health and safety for any disease control measures taken […]

California Almonds: Bloom Diseases – A Quick Overview

🕔Jan 14, 2019Almond bloom is quickly approaching. Diseases require specific conditions for infection – susceptible tissue, moisture, conducive temperatures – and these are often all present during bloom. Appropriate material choice, application […]

California Almonds: 6 Checklist Items For January In Sac Valley

🕔Jan 4, 2019In January… #1. Remove mummy nuts from the trees by February 1. To minimize the overwintering population of navel orangeworm (NOW) and reduce food sources for the first NOW generation, […]

California Walnuts: Staying On Point Through August

🕔Jun 11, 2018JUNE If walnut husk fly traps are not set out by now, you’re late! Yellow sticky traps with an ammonium carbonate lure work best and should be checked 2-3 times […]

California Almonds: Dealing With Gophers In A Wet Year

🕔Apr 3, 2017A bad gopher infestation can reach populations as high as 30-40 per acre. A typical gopher mound is crescent shaped with a round plug on one side of the mound; […]

California Almonds: Potted Tree Irrigation After Planting – Getting The First Year Right

🕔Nov 30, 2016Potted trees may be the nursery stock of the future, but they have challenges and a learning curve for growers accustomed to planting bare root trees. One of the major […]

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