Minnesota Soybeans: 5 Timely Tips for Nutrient Management Nov 19, 2018

🕔Nov 19, 2018Nutrient management questions are common for soybean across Minnesota as soybean is a major rotational crop in many areas. While our research has not always shown a great benefit of […]

Minnesota: Tips for Fall Fertilizer Applications – Podcast Oct 29, 2018

🕔Oct 29, 2018This fall has been wet and now soil temperatures are beginning to cool. What is your plan for fall fertilizer and manure application? Dan Kaiser, Fabian Fernandez, Chryseis Modderman, and […]

Minnesota: Nutrient Management – What is Cation Exchange Capacity? – Podcast Oct 1, 2018

🕔Oct 1, 2018We’ve heard a lot of questions about cation exchange capacity, base saturation and what that means for N and K applications. Dan Kaiser, Carl Rosen, Brad Carlson and Fabian Fernandez […]

Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Late Season Nutrient Management – Podcast Aug 28, 2018

🕔Aug 28, 2018The end of the growing season has presented a lot of variation in weather from wet to dry across Minnesota. Now is also the time to make decisions on fall […]

Minnesota: Nutrient Management – How Have We Fared This Year? – Podcast Jul 27, 2018

🕔Jul 27, 2018How is 2018 shaping up compared to years past? On this episode of the podcast, Ryan Miller, Brad Carlson, Fabian Fernandez and Dan Kaiser talk through what they’ve seen this […]

Minnesota: Spring Nitrogen Outlook 2018 – Podcast Apr 17, 2018

🕔Apr 17, 2018Spring is upon us! While there still may be snow on the ground, on this episode we have your spring nitrogen outlook. Guests Brad Carlson, Fabian Fernandez, Dan Kaiser, Greg Klinger […]

Minnesota: Don’t Apply Commercial Fertilizers to Snow-Covered Frozen Soils Apr 5, 2018

🕔Apr 5, 2018The recent snows across the state may be spurring concerns with fertilizer application this spring. Application of any fertilizer source should not occur when the ground is still frozen, especially […]

Minnesota Corn: Should You Use an In-Furrow Starter This Year? Mar 13, 2018

🕔Mar 13, 2018Low corn prices will often mean some evaluation of management costs for growers across Minnesota. Looking ahead, should you consider using an in-furrow starter fertilizer? It can present additional costs, […]

Minnesota: Nutrient Management Podcast – High Yields and Nutrient Removal Dec 1, 2017

🕔Dec 1, 2017On this episode of the podcast, we’re talking nutrient removal in high yield cropping systems. Hear from Dan Kaiser, Jeff Vetsch, Melissa Wilson and Carl Rosen on covering removal rates […]

Minnesota Corn: 3 Tips for Foliar Nutrient Applications Sep 5, 2017

🕔Sep 5, 2017When crops are actively growing in the mid- to late part of the season, they demand greater quantities of nutrients on a daily basis. Immobile nutrients applied to the soil […]

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