South Carolina Cotton: Watch for Seedling Issues with Grasshoppers May 5, 2017

🕔May 5, 2017Thrips, grasshoppers, cutworms, etc., are about it in cotton right now, with grasshoppers dominating the conversation so far. Be watchful for issues with seedlings and grasshoppers. The best way to […]

Arkansas Rice: Planting Over 80% Complete; Time for Weird Problems? Apr 21, 2017

🕔Apr 21, 2017Crop Progress Rice planting progress is likely up around 80-85% this week. This is near record progress behind only 2012. Luckily conditions seem very reminiscent of 2012 which turned out […]

Army Cutworms Already Hitting Wheat and Canola – DTN Mar 17, 2017

🕔Mar 17, 2017Farmers aren’t the only ones waiting to see how wheat comes out of dormancy this year. Army cutworms may also be lurking just beneath the surface, ready to eat newly […]

Michigan: Weeds, Wet Weather, and Cutworms May 5, 2016

🕔May 5, 2016Armyworm catch is increasing in the Purdue University trapping network, and Elkhart County (just across the border from Michigan) had a significant black cutworm catch by April 27, 2016. Traps […]

Mississippi: Cutworms Showing Up May 4, 2016

🕔May 4, 2016We have had several calls over the last week about cutworms reducing plant densities in cotton, soybean, and non-Bt corn.

Nebraska Corn: Scout for Insects, Don’t Assume Protection May 3, 2016

🕔May 3, 2016As corn begins to emerge, be alert to the potential for damage from early season insects such as cutworms, wireworms, or white grubs. Wireworms and white grubs are most often […]

Flint on Crops: Scout Corn for Pests, Other Problems Apr 11, 2016

🕔Apr 11, 2016We are finally beginning to see fields with good stands of corn where farmers have either gotten lucky or have access to some source of intelligence that is not available […]

Tennessee Corn: Things To Remember If Cutworms Materialize Mar 18, 2016

🕔Mar 18, 2016Seed treatments by themselves will not hold up to serious cutworm infestations. This has some folks asking if they should apply in-furrow insecticides. When does it pay?

Nebraska: Want Better Profits? Scout Fields Now May 21, 2015

🕔May 21, 2015During the growing season, it isn’t unusual for unexpected problems to take a toll on yields. So it’s important to begin scouting fields for weeds, insects and diseases early in […]

Ohio: Early Insect and Slug Concerns May 19, 2015

🕔May 19, 2015For a couple of weeks we have been warning about the possibility of black cutworms based on adult catches reported by surrounding states.  We have begun to observe some minor […]

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