Gap Growing Between Irrigated, Rainfed Crop Yields

🕔Aug 20, 2019A 65-year comparative analysis between U.S. yields of irrigated and rainfed crops has sounded a message to farmers, land managers and policymakers: Mind the gap. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Suat […]

Missouri Crop Planting Estimates – With Single Exception, Down From 2018

🕔Aug 14, 2019Corn: Planted area is estimated at 3.25 million acres, down 7 percent from last year. Harvested area, forecast at 3.6 million acres, is down 8 percent from 2018. Based on […]

Indiana: Crops Field Day, West Lafayette, Sept. 5

🕔Aug 7, 2019Farmers have spent much of 2019 dealing with the challenges that come with an unprecedented wet spring, navigating fluctuating markets, learning about new production alternatives, and adapting to new technologies. […]

Irrigation: Cameras Could Provide Cost-Effective Monitoring of Crop Temperatures

🕔Aug 6, 2019A hot plant is an early warning sign of an under-watered, unhealthy plant, which makes monitoring crop temperatures a priority for many farmers. But to do so, they need the […]

Georgia: Field Day, Midville, Aug. 14

🕔Jul 22, 2019The University of Georgia Southeast Georgia Research and Education Center (SREC) in Midville, Georgia, will host its annual field day on Wednesday, Aug. 14. Registration will begin at 9 a.m. […]

Corn, Soy Production Concerns; Chinese Tariffs Enter 2nd Year

🕔Jul 9, 2019The challenges presented by the extraordinarily bad weather this spring, which have already clouded the production outlook for 2019, continue to plague many farmers as the summer growing season unfolds across […]

Arkansas: Row Crops Field Day, Rohwer, July 18

🕔Jul 8, 2019Better ways to manage weeds, soil fertility and learning the latest in variety breeding and testing are part of the wide-ranging agenda at the July 18 Row Crops Field Day […]

Ohio: Western ARS Agronomy Field Day, South Charleston, July 17

🕔Jul 5, 2019The Western Agricultural Research Station Agronomy Field Day will be held July 17. The station is mostly planted but everything went in on the edge – as you saw it […]

Northwestern Illinois Agronomy Field Day, Monmouth, July 17

🕔Jun 28, 2019The Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research and Demonstration Center will host a Field Day on Wednesday, July 17. Join University of Illinois Department of Crop Sciences faculty, researchers, students, and Extension […]

Corn, Soybean Production – Persistent Adverse Conditions Disrupt Outlook

🕔Jun 24, 2019The most recent crop forecast from the U.S. Department of Agriculture revealed that unprecedented spring weather has already negatively impacted production prospects for corn. Meanwhile, recent news items highlight the […]

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