Alabama: Producers Plan for 2021 with 2020 Cotton Pest Recap Jan 15, 2021

🕔Jan 15, 2021
Life in 2020 was dominated by COVID-19, however, the work continued for cotton producers. While the Alabama cotton industry had an unusual weather season, no one cotton pest dominated the […]

Georgia Cotton: Tarnished Plant Bugs More Common Than Normal Aug 4, 2014

🕔Aug 4, 2014
Unlike cotton production areas in the Mid-South, tarnished plant bug is an uncommon and sporadic pest of Georgia cotton.  However, tarnished plant bug populations have been higher than normal and […]

South Carolina Cotton: Keep Watch for Armyworms, Stink Bugs, and Bollworms Aug 1, 2014

🕔Aug 1, 2014
Cory Heaton, county agent covering Chester, York, and Lancaster Counties, reported that he is seeing fall armyworms in soybeans and cotton up his way. Charles Davis, county agent covering Calhoun […]

Tennessee Cotton: Be Prepared to Spray Plant Bugs Jul 31, 2014

🕔Jul 31, 2014
The next two weeks is typically the most critical window to scout and manage insect accordingly because most fields will have threshold levels of one of more pests.

Georgia Cotton: Aphids Down, Plant Bugs Still Around Jul 25, 2014

🕔Jul 25, 2014
The aphid fungus has set in, and aphids are pretty much gone. Something we are still aware of is immature tarnished plant bugs in some fields which is rarely observed.

Alabama Cotton: Start Looking for Plant Bugs but Don’t Neglect Spider Mites, Aphids Jul 2, 2014

🕔Jul 2, 2014
Additional reports of economic spider mite infestations continue to come in, particularly from central and south Alabama. The heaviest infestations are already causing significant leaf shed in early square cotton. […]

Alabama Cotton: More Insects Turning Up Jun 23, 2014

🕔Jun 23, 2014
Not to say every field has insect problems, but consultants are finding some level of plant bugs, spider mites, aphids and a few stink bugs in many areas.

Florida Cotton: Time to Start Scouting for Plant Bugs Jun 13, 2014

🕔Jun 13, 2014
Our oldest planted cotton has started squaring and it’s time to start scouting fields for plant bugs. For the past several years the tarnished plant bug has been ranked nationally […]

Georgia Cotton: Seperate Thrips and POST 1 Sprays Jun 4, 2014

🕔Jun 4, 2014
The best option is to completely separate thrips spray and POST 1 application. Thrips spray mixed with POST 1 application will result in burn.

Texas Cotton: First Blooms in 2-3 Weeks, Watch for Fleahoppers May 30, 2014

🕔May 30, 2014
Cotton fields are squaring and have 10-14 nodes per plant. First fruiting sites are at nodes 6-8, except for the cold damaged cotton plants which have higher fruiting initiation. I […]

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