Georgia Cotton: Wet Weather Has Some Crops Still in Fields

🕔Jan 25, 2019As Georgia cotton farmers prepare for this year’s growing season, some are still trying to harvest what’s left of the 2018 crop, according to Jared Whitaker, University of Georgia Cooperative […]

Louisiana Cotton: Harvest Yields Mixed Reactions

🕔Nov 9, 2018Louisiana’s 2018 cotton crop is being harvested with mixed reactions. “A lot of people were happy; a lot of people were sad,” said LSU AgCenter cotton specialist Dan Fromme. Northwest […]

Texas Cotton: Figuring Out Herbicidal Stalk Destruction With New Seed Technologies

🕔Nov 8, 2018With newer herbicide-resistant cotton varieties, accepted stalk management programs are no longer an option in certain cases because the plants carry resistance to those herbicides.

Tennessee Cotton: Harvest Issues – Wet Conditions, Regrowth, Quality Concerns – Podcast

🕔Oct 19, 2018Dr. Tyson Raper discusses cotton harvest in our latest Call of the Week. Tried a different approach with this one, recording live from the cotton field. If you can forgive […]

Cotton: Clemson Studies Using Robots for Harvest

🕔Oct 15, 2018With labor costs reaching more than 10 percent of farm revenue, Clemson University researchers are working to help American farmers keep more money in their pockets. Joe Mari Maja, a […]

Tennessee Cotton: When Should I Resume Picking?

🕔Oct 1, 2018Since my last post, reports of sprouting have spread across most major cotton producing counties in TN.  In most of the fields I’ve walked, the majority of the seeds have […]

Virginia Cotton: Record Heat Projected into October

🕔Sep 24, 2018Virginia is at 2400 DD-60’s at the beginning of this last week of September.  By October 1st, we will pass 2500 total cotton heat units which will be close to […]

North Carolina Cotton: How Will Hurricane Florence Affect Defoliation?

🕔Sep 10, 2018I still am hoping this article isn’t necessary, but it seems that forecasters are more certain that Hurricane Florence will make landfall in NC. Only a very little cotton has […]

Georgia Cotton: When To Pull Back On Pest Management

🕔Sep 6, 2018Deciding when to terminate insect controls can be challenging in some fields, but a few basic considerations will help guide that process. When evaluating a field, identify the last boll […]

Arkansas Cotton: Finish Line is Close – Harvest Aid Update

🕔Sep 5, 2018We are quickly approaching the finish line with this cotton crop.  Our plant activity is relatively high at this time in many of our fields which should be an indicator […]

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