DTN Cotton Close: Sharply Lower on Rethink

🕔Sep 17, 2019The cotton market was sharply lower Tuesday as traders begin to question the validity of bearish fundamentals, versus the hope of a trade deal with China next month. Last week, […]

DTN Cotton Open: Market Lower as Harvest Begins

🕔Sep 17, 2019The cotton market is lower Tuesday morning perhaps as a function of Turnaround Tuesday; on any given Tuesday, the market will typically trade opposite to its action of the preceding […]

DTN Cotton Close: Market Ends Unconvincingly Higher

🕔Sep 16, 2019Cotton closed higher Monday, but its net change was barely double-digits. Initially, the market saw some spillover strength from Friday’s rally. That end-of-the-week run-up was attributable to the positive trade […]

DTN Cotton Open: Market Trades Two-Sided, Weighs Saudi News

🕔Sep 16, 2019The cotton market has traded both sides of Friday’s close as the reality of bearish supply-demand numbers and the weekend Saudi oil field attacks have traders completely confused. To the […]

DTN Cotton Close: Market Wobbles Higher

🕔Sep 13, 2019The cotton market finished disappointingly slightly higher Friday, given Thursday’s shot-to-the-moon move. Thursday saw the market ignore certain bearish fundamental data, opting to rally on conciliatory trade words between the […]

DTN Cotton Open: Consolidates After Big Run

🕔Sep 13, 2019Overnight, the cotton market is slightly lower as it tries to gather its gains. Thursday, the market defied both a bearish weekly sales and export report, and negative supply-demand data, […]

DTN Cotton Close: Sharply Higher on China Hopes

🕔Sep 12, 2019The cotton market closed hugely higher Thursday as it chose to emphasize on the hope of China over the fact of its fundamentals. Both of Thursday’s reports dealt out some […]

DTN Cotton Open: Higher Despite Poor Sales

🕔Sep 12, 2019The market traded higher overnight on the hopes a U.S.-China deal was gaining momentum. In a goodwill gesture, President Trump has delayed the implementation of the October 1 tariffs until […]

DTN Cotton Close: Treads Water Ahead of WASDE

🕔Sep 11, 2019The market traded both sides of unchanged as it awaits Thursday weekly sales and exports and the all-important September supply-demand report (WASDE). To the former, China has been a recent […]

DTN Cotton Open: Market Steady, Awaits USDA Data

🕔Sep 11, 2019The cotton market held unchanged all night in anticipation of Thursday’s weekly sales and exports, followed by supply-demand data for September. Sales have been decent enough of late, but the […]

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