Illinois Corn: Managing Corn Rootworm Populations in 2018

🕔Mar 9, 2018Rootworm management is a yearly consideration for most corn producers in central and northern Illinois. Western corn rootworm is the primary pest species throughout most of the state, but areas […]

Iowa: Corn Rootworm Egg Hatch Peaking Around the State

🕔Jun 13, 2017Corn rootworm egg hatch in Iowa typically occurs from late May to the middle of June, with an average peak hatching date of June 6 in central Iowa. In 2017, […]

Illinois Corn: What Insects Are Out in the Fields Right Now?

🕔Jun 12, 2017Just a quick overview of some insect issues presenting themselves recently. True Armyworm Lots of reports of armyworm being found in wheat and corn. With reports of wheat harvest starting/getting […]

EPA Denied Ban on Chlorpyrifos, Congressional Members Ask Why – DTN

🕔May 1, 2017Two Democratic members of Congress want the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general to investigate Administrator Scott Pruitt’s decision to reject a petition to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos, in a […]

EPA Challenged Over Refusal to Ban Chlorpyrifos Insecticide – DTN

🕔Apr 7, 2017Three environmental groups have asked a federal appeals court to force the EPA to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos, one week after the agency denied a petition to do so.   […]

Nebraska: Which Bt Traits Do you Need?

🕔Mar 27, 2017When it comes to buying corn seed, one way to save money is to ensure that you are not investing in GMO insect protection traits that you do not need […]

Minnesota Corn: Should You Reduce Bt Trait Acreage to Cut Production Costs?

🕔Mar 20, 2017The economics of 2017 corn production have challenged many farmers with minimizing losses per acre. One area that some farmers have targeted for reducing costs is hybrid selection. Planting corn […]

Corn Insect Control: Dow’s PowerCore and SmartStax Offer More Choices

🕔Mar 2, 2017Corn growers make big decisions that impact yield and profitability long before planters roll into spring fields. Selecting the right insect trait technology is one of those choices, and growers […]

Minnesota: Insect Management Workshop, Lamberton, Feb. 28

🕔Feb 14, 2017Corn and soybean growers, and those who advise them, often have insect management questions for which the correct answer is, “It depends.” Insecticide resistant populations increase the difficulty of soybean […]

Nebraska: Non-Bt Traited Corn – Create Your Scouting Plan Now

🕔Feb 13, 2017We have heard comments from several people this winter who are considering planting non-Bt traited corn hybrids in 2017, primarily to reduce seed costs due to the lower market value […]

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