Corn Prices: There’s a Lot We Don’t Know – DTN

🕔Aug 19, 2019Not many minutes after 11 a.m. CDT Monday morning, my phone was ringing as I was scrambling to put together a webinar to explain why and how USDA just estimated […]

Corn, Soybean Prices: A Worst Case Look at 2020, 2021

🕔Aug 14, 2019Prospects are that soybean prices will continue to be low over the next several years, leading to a period of lower farm incomes.  Even given those prospects, prices could go […]

WASDE Coarse Grains: Reduced U.S. Corn Demand, Higher Stocks

🕔Aug 13, 2019This month’s 2019/20 U.S. corn outlook is for larger supplies, reduced exports and corn used for ethanol, and greater ending stocks. Corn production is forecast at 13.9 billion bushels, up […]

Hubbs on Grain: What’s Going on with Corn Prices?

🕔Aug 6, 2019The December futures price of corn fell back to levels not seen since late May in last week’s trading despite substantial uncertainty regarding acreage and yield for the 2019 crop. […]

Cotton Prices Point to More Corn for 2020 – DTN

🕔Jul 29, 2019It doesn’t seem that long ago Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August, followed by Hurricane Irma in September. That was in 2017, and in both cases cotton production was lost. […]

Grain Market: Buying a December Corn Call in July? – DTN

🕔Jul 22, 2019There are certain things you try to teach your kids not to do: don’t run with scissors in your hand, don’t take candy from strangers, don’t pet animals you don’t […]

Wheat: Got that Old Bearish Feeling Again – DTN

🕔Jul 15, 2019If you have been reading DTN’s grain market commentary since June 28 — or if you read Wednesday’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) preview, “July WASDE: Mirage or […]

Hubbs on Grain: Corn Prices Heating Up

🕔Jul 15, 2019Despite the USDA raising 2018-19 marketing year ending stocks for corn in last Thursday’s WASDE report, corn prices moved higher to end the week.  December corn futures prices returned to […]

Corn Market Basis Keeps on Climbing – DTN

🕔Jul 10, 2019Fireworks came early for the corn basis. The national average basis started to climb above the five-year average beginning in March. By the end of May, the basis was beginning […]

Livestock: Corn Prices Higher – What About Feed Cost?

🕔Jul 8, 2019As farms continue to consolidate it becomes increasingly important to assess a farm’s management skills.  At a certain farm size, it is no longer easy or feasible for the manager […]

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