Corn Growth Spurts: Check for Twisted Whorls, Yellow Leaves, Weakened Stems – DTN

🕔Jun 14, 2018Adolescence is the worst. Just ask your corn. Corn plants in the V5 to V7 growth stage may be showing some symptoms of a giant growth spurt — twisted whorls, […]

Ohio Corn: Early Coloration – Green, Purple, or Yellow?

🕔Jun 5, 2018Corn seedlings often turn yellow (due to low nitrogen uptake and/or limited chlorophyll synthesis) or purple (reduced root development and/or increased anthocyanin production) under cool, wet conditions. Some hybrids are […]

Texas Corn: Growth Stages and POST Herbicide Timing

🕔Jun 5, 2018Post emergent herbicide applications are necessary for season long weed control. Post emergent corn herbicide labels define the latest growth stage for which herbicide applications can be made without causing […]

Mississippi Corn: Crop Progressing Rapidly Towards Tassling – Podcast

🕔May 30, 2018Dr. Erick Larson, Extension grain crop specialist, discusses corn crop development and management strategies as the crop nears the important tassel stage. Recorded May 25, 2018.

Mississippi Corn: How to Identify Vegetative Growth Stages – Video

🕔May 25, 2018Vegetative growth stages of corn or sorghum are determined by counting the number of fully emerged leaves with leaf collars present. Only those leaves which have a leaf collar visible […]

Mississippi Corn, Sorghum: How to Determine Growth Stages of Young Plants

🕔May 22, 2018Corn vegetative growth stages are designated by a V with a number following representing fully developed, emerged leaves.

Georgia: Corn Reaching V6, Weed Control Still Important

🕔May 2, 2018With our cool temperatures, growth has slowed us down a lot with our produce and corn. But this week corn is growing with warm days and sunny skies giving us […]

Indiana Corn: The ‘Zipper’ Pattern of Poor Kernel Set

🕔Oct 13, 2017The occurrence of severe photosynthetic stress (severe drought, extreme heat, severe nutrient deficiency, severe foliar disease) during or shortly after pollination in corn often results in poorly filled ears due […]

Ohio Corn: Ear Disorders Appearing in Fields

🕔Oct 10, 2017In recent weeks, I have received several reports of abnormal ear development in corn fields which are near or at harvest maturity. Affected plants in these fields exhibit varying degrees […]

Iowa Corn: Grain Dry Down in Field From Maturity to Harvest

🕔Sep 20, 2017Corn harvest is fast approaching. This year’s corn maturity is about 5-10 days behind normal. With field dry down occurring in late September and October this year, there is the […]

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