Grain Markets Show Little Response to USDA Reports – DTN Apr 1, 2020

🕔Apr 1, 2020
USDA’s Prospective Plantings and March 1 Grain Stocks reports held a few surprises, but market action was a bit subdued on corn and soybeans, while new-crop wheat reacted to the […]

Corn Planting Intentions Beat Expectations; Grain Stocks Fall – DTN Apr 1, 2020

🕔Apr 1, 2020
USDA on Tuesday released its annual Planting Intentions and quarterly March 1 Grain Stocks reports. According to DTN Lead Analyst Todd Hultman, Tuesday’s Grain Stocks report was bullish for corn, […]

Hubbs on Grain: What to Plant? Looking at Recent Market Developments. Mar 23, 2020

🕔Mar 23, 2020
The planting season begins another year under considerable uncertainty. While trade issues remain, the continued spread of the coronavirus and the ensuing market collapse complicates an already difficult decision. Projections […]

Midwest: Planting Decisions in the Face of COVID-19 Mar 18, 2020

🕔Mar 18, 2020
Trade conflicts, prevented and late planting, and policy innovations have presented a difficult decision-making environment to farmers over the past several years. The decisions for this spring are now drastically […]

Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Profitability and Acreage Shifts Mar 11, 2020

🕔Mar 11, 2020
At its recent Agricultural Outlook Forum, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released estimates of 2020 planted acres in the United States, with both corn and soybean acres increasing from 2019 […]

Corn: Why Are Harvested Acres Always Predictably Lower Than Planted? – DTN Jan 17, 2020

🕔Jan 17, 2020
There are many unanswerable questions and unknowable answers in this business, so I feel a special sort of relief when someone asks me a question that actually has a straightforward […]

Arkansas Corn Acreage 2nd Highest in History Jul 10, 2019

🕔Jul 10, 2019
Despite all of the struggles to get corn planted last spring, the June 28 USDA crop acreage report indicated Arkansas farmers planted approximately 810,000 acres of corn in 2019. That […]

U.S. Corn Acres Down, Soybean Acres Up – Taking a Closer Look Mar 24, 2017

🕔Mar 24, 2017
At its annual Agricultural Outlook Conference in February, USDA projected that planted acres of corn would decrease from 94.0 million acres in 2016 to 90.0 million in 2017, a decrease […]

Corn, Soybeans: Using the Soybean-to-Corn Price Ratio to Predict March Planting Intentions Mar 8, 2017

🕔Mar 8, 2017
The magnitude of U.S. planted acreage of corn and soybeans will be important in determining prices for both crops during the 2017-18 marketing year. Projections of planted acreage are currently […]

Ag Economy Barometer: Producer Sentiment Backs Off from Jan. Peak Mar 7, 2017

🕔Mar 7, 2017
Following three months of strong gains, the Purdue/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer shifted course during February, declining to a reading of 134 compared to 153 a month earlier. Although the […]

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