Michigan Soybeans: Multiple Equipment Adjustments to Reduce Harvest Losses

🕔Sep 8, 2017Average soybean harvest losses range from one to two bushels per acre under normal conditions. However, harvest losses can increase significantly when harvesting tall, lodged plants or short, drought-stressed plants. […]

Iowa Harvest: Combine Settings for Variable Crop Conditions

🕔Aug 25, 2017Although generally good, corn and soybean crops are quite variable across Iowa as harvest season approaches. Spotty rainfall, in many cases too little but in a few cases too much, along […]

Iowa: Combine Adjustment for Fall Harvest

🕔Sep 23, 2016Objectives when setting and adjusting the combine are to harvest all crop available in the field while maintaining grain in quality condition for storage. Past field measurements show that field […]

Soybeans: Minor Combine Adjustments, Major Yield Gains

🕔Sep 10, 2015Farmers spend an entire growing season caring for their soybeans with the goal of producing the best possible crop. Whether it’s a bumper crop or something less, too much is […]

Ohio Soybeans: Adjust Your Combine Before Harvest

🕔Sep 9, 20152015 represents another unique cropping year due to the wet weather conditions during spring planting and persistence through July. The result has been many fields with highly variable soybeans conditions […]



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