Cleveland On Cotton: Fewer Acres In 2021? Sep 25, 2020

🕔Sep 25, 2020
As expected, the market did back-and-fill all week, easing above 66 cents after attempting to move marginally below 65 cents. Generally, business was slow, i.e., reflecting a somewhat stale market. […]

Cleveland on Cotton: A Short-Term Opportunity Thanks To European Consumers? Sep 18, 2020

🕔Sep 18, 2020
After assessing limited damage resulting from Hurricane Sally, cotton prices eased slightly lower in Friday trading, settling the week at 65.66, basis December. Significant damage occurred only in south Alabama […]

Cleveland On Cotton: An Upward Turn In November? Sep 14, 2020

🕔Sep 14, 2020
USDA rewarded my two-week-old price flip-flop with Friday’s release of its September world supply demand report. While both world and U.S. stocks were lowered, the reductions came from the supply […]

Cleveland on Cotton: With China’s Realignment, Better Times Ahead? Aug 28, 2020

🕔Aug 28, 2020
Flip Flop!! The opening sentence last week was, “The Big Bear.” Finally, I am happy again. The Big Bull. Prices are going up and 2021 plantings are going up. While […]

Cleveland on Cotton: Reasons To Be Bearish Aug 21, 2020

🕔Aug 21, 2020
Why can’t things be prettier? Because it’s cotton, it’s economics, it’s markets, it’s interpersonal comparisons, it’s emotions and, like everything else, it’s China. This is August and if true to […]

Cleveland On Cotton: Nothing Bullish In The Market…Not Even O.A. Cleveland Aug 14, 2020

🕔Aug 14, 2020
The AgMarket Network group hashed out USDA’s August supply/demand report and seemingly agreed the report was particularly bearish. Yet true to form, the market traded slightly higher on the heels […]

Cleveland On Cotton: China Now Sits On Plenty Of Bales Jul 31, 2020

🕔Jul 31, 2020
The 2019-20 cotton marketing year can now be retired to the history books. Six months into the year, we felt like that the news reels would discuss this season in […]

Cleveland On Cotton: Plenty Of News To Spook The Market Jul 24, 2020

🕔Jul 24, 2020
The series of big, ugly export sales reports finally caught up with cotton prices, the week ended with a triple-digit selloff, down 182 points on Friday alone, and settling the […]

Cleveland on Cotton: World Market Sending A Message, Unfortunately Jul 17, 2020

🕔Jul 17, 2020
Cotton prices eased up to 65 cents and, as feared, backed off and are now dogpaddling as December futures attempt to hold the 62-cent level. In fact, the weekly settlement […]

Cleveland On Cotton: Bright Spots But Still Plenty Of Shadows Jul 10, 2020

🕔Jul 10, 2020
At least the picture is prettier. A combination of lower than expected U.S. plantings, Cotton prices receive a degree of lift from Chinese buying, the Texas drought and a somewhat […]

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