North Carolina Cotton: “Isolated” Seed Quality Issues Become Apparent

🕔May 14, 2019Unfortunately, some of what was predicted in the newsletter article that we released on April 4, 2019, has occurred: (Seed Is Expensive…Protect This Investment!!). The points made in that article […]

North Carolina: Volunteer Crops May Be an Issue in 2019

🕔Apr 23, 2019The fall of 2018 is one many growers want to forget. With two hurricanes and other seemingly endless rainfall events, a considerable amount of cotton in South Carolina and Georgia, […]

North Carolina: New Burndown Herbicide – Elevore

🕔Mar 29, 2019Burndown season is here and while glyphosate plus 2,4-D plus flumioxazin is the standard, there is some interest in a new burndown herbicide: Elevore.

Field Repair and Burndown: Tillage Effects on Weeds

🕔Mar 27, 2019Most folks are trying to put the 2018 growing season behind them, especially with the abnormally wet, hurricane-ridden, and drawn-out harvest season. However, traveling around the state this extension season, […]

North Carolina: 2019 Auxin Stewardship Training Schedule

🕔Jan 11, 2019The schedule for the 2019 Auxin Herbicides-Best Management Practices training has been finalized. See the full schedule list at the link below. This training will be provided by NC State […]

North Carolina: 2019 Auxin Stewardship Training, Cotton Production Meetings

🕔Dec 21, 2018The schedule for the 2019 Auxin Herbicides-Best Management Practices training has been finalized. This training, presented by NC State Weed Specialists and organized in cooperation with N.C. Department of Agriculture […]

North Carolina Cotton: 2019 Weed Management Starts Now – Preemergence Herbicides

🕔Nov 14, 2018As harvest 2018 wraps up, I understand it’s hard to think about 2019. But, seed orders are being place, so I ask you to consider your weed management for the […]

Herbicide Drift: Temperature Inversions – A Visual Demo

🕔Jul 6, 2018After walking a dicamba complaint last summer in Virginia, I could come to only one conclusion. It had to be a temperature inversion. The field in question was about 30 […]

North Carolina Cotton: To Mix or Not to Mix – Herbicides and Acephate

🕔May 29, 2018I have received several calls concerning mixing herbicides and acephate (Orthene). With challenging weather comes the urgency to save time and trips across the field and at this time of […]

North Carolina Cotton: Burndown Time Is Upon Us

🕔Mar 28, 2018The second half of March through the first week in April is normally the ideal time for burndown applications in no-till cotton.

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