Diversifying the Ag Workforce: Developing College-Educated Workers – DTN

🕔Jan 18, 2016Major agricultural businesses are looking at a more diverse U.S. population and trying to find ways to make agriculture become more diverse as well. Keeping up with U.S. population trends […]

Florida Corn: Controlling Armyworms

🕔Sep 24, 2015Armyworms come in a wide range of colors and sizes.  A few of the prominent species living in Florida are beet, southern, and fall armyworms.  And the term “living” is […]

Corn: Fall Armyworms Deceive Plants into Lowering Defenses

🕔Sep 9, 2015In a deception that likely has evolved over thousands of years, a caterpillar that feeds on corn leaves induces the plant to turn off its defenses against insect predators, allowing […]

Alabama Peanuts: Pests to Keep an Eye Out For

🕔Aug 19, 2015The current weather pattern (intense precipitation followed by hot dry days) is ideal for caterpillars. Caterpillar pressure continues to rise in peanuts – the average numbers have increased from 0.3 […]

Georgia Soybeans: Foliage Feeders Beginning To Show Up

🕔Jul 23, 2015I have been out looking at some soybeans today and I am beginning to see some foliage feeders showing up in soybeans.  Although, I have not seen ANY fields that […]

Alabama: True Armyworms on the Move

🕔May 13, 2015True armyworms are another problem that Alabama’s farmers did not need. Cold weather and heavy rains delayed many farmers from planting their row crops in a timely manner. Now, an […]

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