Ohio: Burndown Programs – Adjusting for a Prolonged, Wet Spring May 1, 2018

🕔May 1, 2018
This is a revision of an article we seem to publish in C.O.R.N. about every three years, when wet weather prevents early planting and in some cases also prevents early […]

Nebraska Xtend Soybeans: Cover Crops or Burndown – Which Dicamba Product Should I Use? Apr 30, 2018

🕔Apr 30, 2018
Q: Which dicamba product should I use to terminate broadleaf cover crops or burn down weeds before planting Xtend soybean? A: I recently received several phone calls from growers with […]

Michigan Soybeans: Don’t Skip Burndown Herbicide Applications This Spring Apr 26, 2018

🕔Apr 26, 2018
Cooler temperatures and wetter conditions this spring 2018 have led to slower than normal weed growth and a slower start to field work around Michigan.

Nebraska: Burndown Herbicide Success Linked to the Weather Forecast Apr 23, 2018

🕔Apr 23, 2018
Finding a good time for burndown herbicide applications has been a little tricky this spring, given the below-normal temperatures experienced through much of April as well as the intermittent snow […]

Alabama: How Will Burndown Herbicides Work with Low Temps? Apr 11, 2018

🕔Apr 11, 2018
Some areas of Alabama have been experiencing temperatures in the 30’s this last week and forecasters say that more cold weather is to come. This is also the time to […]

Tennessee Cotton: Late Burndown Options Apr 10, 2018

🕔Apr 10, 2018
With all the wet cold weather everyone has had to abandon their Plan A cotton burndown program. So what is the Plan B burndown plan with most wanting to plant […]

North Carolina Cotton: Burndown Time Is Upon Us Mar 28, 2018

🕔Mar 28, 2018
The second half of March through the first week in April is normally the ideal time for burndown applications in no-till cotton.

Tennessee Corn: Weather Makes for Challenging Burndown Mar 20, 2018

🕔Mar 20, 2018
It is getting late early with respect to burndown in Tennessee. This is particularly true for corn acres where we are well behind the burndown pace of most Tennessee springs.

Arkansas Rice: Seeding Rates, Burndown Recommendations Mar 13, 2018

🕔Mar 13, 2018
The March is On… “How high’s the water papa?”  I don’t know about you but I’m over the rainfall this winter.  February was reportedly the wettest on record, at least […]

Tennessee: Marestail Burndown – Update in Herbicide Options Feb 28, 2018

🕔Feb 28, 2018
There are many more options to control horseweed (marestail) in soybean and cotton than what was available just a few years ago. The biggest new option for many acres of […]

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