Eyeing USDA’s Budget Request – DTN Jun 18, 2021

🕔Jun 18, 2021
Questions about the meat industry dominated a Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee hearing Tuesday at which Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack appeared in person to discuss the Biden administration’s budget request for […]

Alabama: Fertilizer Input Management in Times of Economic Uncertainty May 21, 2020

🕔May 21, 2020
Even as markets continue to fluctuate, farmers continue to farm. Alabama Cooperative Extension System agents and specialists are continuing their work in the field to help producers make educated decisions […]

Alabama: How to Manage Fertilizer Costs in Economic Uncertainty May 19, 2020

🕔May 19, 2020
Alabama row crop producers face a bleak market outlook for the 2020 growing season. In times of economic uncertainty, producers must manage inputs efficiently. The points below offer considerations for […]

Farm Policy: Farm Bill – Ag Spending and Budgetary Issues Jul 14, 2017

🕔Jul 14, 2017
Today’s update looks at recent spending and budgetary issues impacting agriculture and the Farm Bill.  The House Appropriations Committee this week passed the fiscal year 2018 appropriations bill for USDA.   […]

Texas Cotton: Don’t Get Creative with Herbicide Tankmixing May 11, 2016

🕔May 11, 2016
Large farms and erratic weather makes it difficult for producers to cover all their acres for nutrient and pest management. So, everyone is looking for ways to cut trips across […]

Farm Debt Mediation Calls Are Up – “Writing on the Wall” – DTN May 7, 2016

🕔May 7, 2016
State mediation services in  and Iowa are reporting a jump in farm caseloads but more on the scale of a “stream” rather than a “flood.” Michelle Soll with Nebraska’s Rural […]

Farm Budget: 6 Myths About High and Low-Profit Farmers – DTN Oct 29, 2015

🕔Oct 29, 2015
High yields across the upper Midwest in 2015 may have saved many producers from falling below breakeven — especially if they sold on price rallies. However, the doom and gloom […]

Farm Budget: Short-Term Financing Needs Still Rising Oct 28, 2015

🕔Oct 28, 2015
Reduced farm income continued to drive demand for short-term financing to cover operating costs. Both the number and volume of operating loans originated increased in the third quarter of 2015. […]

Farm Budget: Don’t Forget Rising Family Living Costs Oct 16, 2015

🕔Oct 16, 2015
In 2014, the total noncapital living expenses of 1,350 farm families enrolled in the Illinois Farm Business Farm Management Association (FBFM) averaged $81,711–or $6,809 a month for each family (Figure […]

Farm Management: 5 Practices to Avoid the Worst Financial Stress – DTN Aug 21, 2015

🕔Aug 21, 2015
First, DTN’s Marcia Taylor and Elizabeth Williams have written a couple of great articles recently on DTN and in The Progressive Farmer. Marcia’s was direct advice on how progressive operators […]

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