Arkansas Rice: Very Little Planting Progress Apr 9, 2022

    🕔Apr 9, 2022
    So close, and yet so far away.  Very little progress to speak of yet again this week after more rainfall events.  As usual, amounts were variable depending on where you […]

    Texas Rice – Mo Way: Stink Bug Issues; Blackbird Repellent Sep 17, 2018

    🕔Sep 17, 2018
    For this brief article, I want to first discuss rice stink bug issues. This year, populations were highly variable. In spots where rice stink bug was bad, I received reports […]

    Louisiana Rice: Push Underway To Widen Bird Repellent Opions Jul 30, 2018

    🕔Jul 30, 2018
    Arkion Life Sciences, the same company which has the bird repellent seed treatment, AV-1011, is evaluating a bird repellent for headed rice. They hope to submit an application to the […]

    Louisiana Rice: Bird-Repellent — Rebate, Update On Headed Rice Label Mar 15, 2018

    🕔Mar 15, 2018
    Predation of rice seed by birds is problematic in Louisiana rice annually. Typically, we see the highest bird pressure in rice planted south of I-10. In 2017, we also saw […]

    Louisiana Rice: State Gains Conditional Approval For AV-1011 Jan 27, 2016

    🕔Jan 27, 2016
    The bird repellent AV-1011 has been granted a “conditional” registration in Louisiana for 2016 by the EPA.

    Louisiana Rice: AV-1011 Granted ‘Conditional’ Registration Jan 5, 2016

    🕔Jan 5, 2016
    I am happy to announce that AV-1011 has been granted a “conditional” registration under section 3(c)(7) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) by the EPA.  The Conditional […]

    Rice: States Must Begin Emergency Requests for Bird Repellent Oct 29, 2015

    🕔Oct 29, 2015
    Departments of agriculture in states with rice producers affected by bird consumption of rice seed need to begin applying for Section 18 Emergency Exemption Requests for AV-1011 (anthraquinone) bird repellent […]

    Arkansas Rice: Section 18 Granted for AV-1011 Bird Repellent Apr 1, 2015

    🕔Apr 1, 2015
    AV-1011 Bird Repellent for rice seed has received a Section 18 emergency exemption for use in Arkansas until June 15, 2015.  This product has shown to be effective at preventing […]

    Louisiana Rice: Bird Repellent Okayed – What To Do With It? Mar 20, 2015

    🕔Mar 20, 2015
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved a Section 18 crisis exemption for the bird repellent AV-1011. Certainly, this is in time for drill seeding in the parish, I don’t think […]

    Louisiana Rice: Bird Repellent Availability – No Good New Yet Mar 10, 2015

    🕔Mar 10, 2015
    We received word from the EPA last week that the emergency exemption application submitted by the LDAF for the use of anthraquinone (trade name AV-1011) on rice to repel blackbirds […]


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