Biodiesel: RFS Waivers – Huge Losses for Farmers – DTN

🕔Jul 20, 2018EPA had not planned to address small-refinery waivers in a public hearing on Wednesday, but farmers and biofuels groups had other ideas as they unloaded on the agency. EPA is […]

Ethanol Plant Builder Steps Up with RIN Plan – DTN

🕔Mar 14, 2018Jeff Broin, the founder of POET, a South Dakota company that builds and manages ethanol plants, plans to present the White House with a proposal to multiply the number of […]

Biofuels: Fixing the RFS is Getting Easier and Easier

🕔Feb 16, 2018There has been no shortage of ideas in recent months about how to “fix” the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). These include application of the various waiver authorities under the RFS, […]

Biodiesel Waiver Provision in the RFS – Difficult to Justify

🕔Oct 20, 2017As discussed in the two previous articles, EPA has issued a Notice of Data Availability (NODA) seeking data and comment on potential reductions to the biomass-based diesel mandates (see, farmdoc […]

RFS Groups Request Trump to Deny EPA’s Biofuel Proposals – DTN

🕔Oct 4, 2017Sensing a change in support for biofuels from President Donald Trump’s administration, a number of biofuel, agriculture and manufacturing groups asked the president to make sure the U.S. Environmental Protection […]

Biofuels: Public Comments Urge EPA to Change Renewable Fuel Volumes – DTN

🕔Sep 1, 2017The public had until Thursday, Aug. 31, to have its say on the recently proposed Renewable Fuel Standard volumes from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The total number of comments […]

Biodiesel: Projecting RINs Prices Under Different Policies

🕔Aug 31, 2017Introduction In a farmdoc daily article last week (August 23, 2017), we developed a simple economic model to predict D4 biodiesel RINs prices based on biodiesel prices, diesel prices, and […]

Biomass-Based Biodiesel Prices: How Much Does Policy Matter?

🕔Aug 18, 2017Introduction Biomass-based diesel, which includes both biodiesel and renewable diesel, plays a critical role in compliance with RFS mandates. Since 2013, biomass-based diesel (BBD) has been the “marginal gallon” for […]

Energy: Is There a Push for Biofuels or Not?

🕔Jun 4, 2015On May 29, 2015, the EPA announced the long-awaited RFS standards for 2014, 2015 and 2016 and the biomass-based diesel volume for 2017. As outlined in afarmdoc daily article last […]

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