Biofuels: Why Are Ethanol Prices So Low?

🕔Feb 15, 2019The U.S. ethanol industry was rocked by low prices in 2018, especially in the second half of the year when prices reached their lowest levels in over a decade (Figure […]

Ethanol: Prices for E85 Relative to E10 – What’s the Difference?

🕔Feb 1, 2019A series of farmdoc daily articles have examined ethanol use in light small refinery exemptions (SREs) granted under the RFS.  The SREs are the main reason that D6 ethanol RINs prices crashed in […]

Ethanol: What’s Behind Rising E85 Use?

🕔Jan 25, 2019A farmdoc daily article last week (January 16, 2019) examined the available data on E85 usage to see if it was negatively impacted by the SRE-driven crash in D6 ethanol […]

Biodiesel Industry Was a 2018 Bright Spot – DTN

🕔Jan 24, 2019As difficult as 2018 was for the ethanol industry in the United States, the biodiesel sector turned in one of its best years as companies improved their balance sheets despite […]

Biofuels: Have Small Refinery Exemptions Destroyed E85 Demand?

🕔Jan 17, 2019There continues to be considerable interest in whether small refinery exemptions (SREs) under the RFS have “destroyed” demand for ethanol in the physical market. It seems obvious that this would […]

Hubbs on Grain: Prospects for Corn Use from Ethanol Production

🕔Dec 21, 2018The WASDE forecast of corn use for ethanol production decreased by 50 million bushels in the December report. Ethanol use for corn slightly lags behind last marketing year’s consumption level […]

Ethanol Production and Crop Prices – Is There a Connection?

🕔Dec 21, 2018Land-use change is in the forefront of human-nature interaction and is the nexus of food security, farm economy, greenhouse gas emission, and ecosystem services. How the development of corn-based biofuel […]

Biofuels to House: Octane Idea a Dud – DTN

🕔Dec 14, 2018In a hearing before a U.S. House of Representatives committee on Tuesday, biofuel interests stood their ground and told lawmakers a proposal to replace the Renewable Fuel Standard with a […]

U.S. House Tax Package is Jam-Packed, Includes Biodiesel Tax Credit – DTN

🕔Nov 29, 2018House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, released a tax and oversight package Monday that includes retirement and other savings enhancements, legislation to redesign the Internal Revenue Service, […]

Biofuels: Election Makes RFS Reform Unlikely – DTN

🕔Nov 20, 2018Any talk of Congressional reform of the Renewable Fuel Standard may have gone up in smoke following the recent election, as a spokesperson for the American Petroleum Institute told reporters […]

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