Herbicides, Not Insecticides, Biggest Threat to Bees Dec 17, 2015

🕔Dec 17, 2015
People who care about honeybees know that insecticides and pollinators are usually a bad mix, but it turns out that herbicides used to control weeds can spell even bigger trouble […]

Mississippi: Research Examines Pesticide Effects on Honeybee Health Dec 17, 2015

🕔Dec 17, 2015
USDA researchers tested 42 commonly used pesticides in a realistic field setting to determine their toxicity levels for honeybees. The pesticide study examined 40 insecticides, one herbicide and one fungicide. The […]

Pesticides: Bee Hazard Icon, Labels Help Protect Pollinators Aug 14, 2015

🕔Aug 14, 2015
Chemical companies have added a new bee hazard icon on labels of certain insecticides to protect pollinators from chemicals hazardous to their health. Blake Layton, an entomologist with the Mississippi […]

Almond Board of California Puts $2.5M Towards Next-Gen Farm Research Jun 25, 2015

🕔Jun 25, 2015
Today, the Almond Board of California (ABC) announced a $2.5 million dollar commitment to independent, third-­‐party research into next-­‐generation farming practices. The funding is part of an ongoing effort by […]

Mississippi: Bee Health Study Looks at Impact of Insecticides Jun 18, 2015

🕔Jun 18, 2015
Media skirmishes about bee health, agriculture practices and the role of pollinators in food production are a mixture of fact, propaganda and general misunderstanding.

Almonds: New Book Discusses Bee Relations with Crop Production Mar 31, 2015

🕔Mar 31, 2015
Remember Stephanie Hsia? She’s the beekeeper/graduate student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design who traveled through almond orchards in California’s Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys in May 2014 to illustrate […]

Missouri: Accepting Donations to Pollinator Conservancy Program Mar 30, 2015

🕔Mar 30, 2015
A Direct Gift account has been set up for the Missouri Pollinator Conservancy Program.

Missouri: BeeCheck Flags and Poles Mar 27, 2015

🕔Mar 27, 2015
BeeCheck flags are available for purchase ($9 + shipping) following registration of the apiary through FieldWatch.

Missouri Pollinator Conservancy Program Feb 27, 2015

🕔Feb 27, 2015
In light of recent declines of honeybee populations worldwide, representatives of Missouri’s agricultural producers and beekeepers have developed a set of standard practices that will encourage cooperation and communication among […]

AgFax Almond Review: Port Dispute – President Dispatches Labor Secretary Feb 13, 2015

🕔Feb 13, 2015
West Coast Port Labor Dispute Most U.S. almond export markets have enough stock on hand to carry them through early spring, despite the ongoing West Coast labor dispute and slowdown, […]

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