Ohio Soybeans: Sorting Out Herbicide Resistance Traits Sep 18, 2019

🕔Sep 18, 2019The world of soybean herbicide resistance traits has gotten more complex over the past several years.  The good news is that we have new options for control of herbicide-resistant weeds, […]

Rice: Barnyardgrass — 1,000 Years Of Hiding In Plain Sight Sep 17, 2019

🕔Sep 17, 2019Early rice growers unwittingly gave barnyardgrass a big hand, helping to give root to a rice imitator that is now considered one of the world’s worst agricultural weeds. New research […]

Indiana: ATS and Burndown Herbicide Treatments Apr 5, 2019

🕔Apr 5, 2019This spring we have received a number of questions regarding the use of glyphosate-based burndown herbicides programs with ATS (ammonium thiosulfate). Increased use of ATS is being driven by the […]

Louisiana: Don’t Neglect Fall Weed Management Sep 26, 2018

🕔Sep 26, 2018Trends in earlier crop harvest has resulted in adequate time for weeds to set seed between harvest and a killing frost. This time period can range from one to four […]

Arkansas Rice: Hot, Dry Weather Leaves Tough-to-Fight Weeds Jul 20, 2018

🕔Jul 20, 2018Rough weather conditions caused many Arkansas rice fields to be overrun with grassy weeds.

Tennessee: Resistant Barnyardgrass Control Options – Video Jul 6, 2018

🕔Jul 6, 2018University of Tennessee Extension Weed Specialist Larry Steckel discusses control options for herbicide resistant barnyardgrass.

Tennessee Soybeans: Glyphoste-Resistant Barnyardgrass Escaping Clethodim – What Can You Do? Jun 29, 2018

🕔Jun 29, 2018Clethodim has been the backbone for grass control in southwest Tennessee for a number of years. The fear has been what would be “Plan B” if clethodim loses its effectiveness?

Texas Rice: Loyant Herbicide Injury – What We Know Right Now. Jun 27, 2018

🕔Jun 27, 2018In the past few weeks, we have been receiving numerous calls from rice growers and crop consultants in Texas about crop response/injury issues associated with the new herbicide product Loyant.  […]

Tennessee: Glyphosate-Resistant Barnyardgrass a Growing Problem Feb 14, 2018

🕔Feb 14, 2018Barnyardgrass now joins goosegrass, Johnsongrass and Italian ryegrass as confirmed glyphosate-resistant in Tennessee.

Rice Herbicide: Dow’s Loyant with Rinskor Approved by EPA Sep 25, 2017

🕔Sep 25, 2017Loyant with Rinskor is a new rice herbicide from Dow AgroSciences that offers broad-spectrum weed management options and the ability to control resistance. Loyant has gained EPA registration. The product […]

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