Cash Rent: Commodity Prices Tumble – Time to Negotiate 2019 – DTN Aug 20, 2018

🕔Aug 20, 2018
Land values are holding steady despite the tumble in commodity prices, and the good news is that’s propping up equity in farm country, allowing sufficient collateral for land-owning operators to […]

Boersen Farms: How Not to Handle Your Debt – DTN Sep 26, 2017

🕔Sep 26, 2017
trust deeds scotland Zeeland, Michigan,-based Boersen Farms is set to either restructure its debt or file for bankruptcy, according to a motion filed in the U.S. District Court for the […]

Bankruptcy – Corn Slump And Boersen’s Spiral – Not Too Big To Fail – DTN Sep 1, 2017

🕔Sep 1, 2017
When Zeeland, Michigan-based Boersen Farms Inc. bought the bulk of Stamp Farms LLC’s land-lease agreements and other assets in what was considered one of the largest farm bankruptcies ever in […]

Ethanol: U.S. Creditors Have No Choice in Abengoa SA’s Bankruptcy – DTN Apr 28, 2016

🕔Apr 28, 2016
Creditors in the U.S. will have to recognize Abengoa SA’s standstill agreement struck in Spain with creditors and bondholders giving the company until Oct. 28, 2016, to reorganize its debts, […]

Mid-South Ag, Environmental Law Conference, Memphis, April 22 Apr 5, 2016

🕔Apr 5, 2016
Handling agricultural bankruptcies, federal wetland regulations and a keynote about ag trade with Cuba are all part of the third annual Mid-South Ag and Environmental Law Conference on April 22 […]

Ethanol: Grain Creditors Fight Bankrupt Abengoa $41M Financing – DTN Mar 24, 2016

🕔Mar 24, 2016
A group of Nebraska grain providers to Abengoa Bioenergy ethanol plants is not happy with the recent court approval of $41 million of financing the company obtained as part of […]

Ethanol: Production Continues Despite Abengoa Financial Issues – DTN Dec 3, 2015

🕔Dec 3, 2015
All indications are Abengoa Bioenergy SA continues normal operations at its ethanol plants in the United States despite questions about the Spain-based company’s financial health. Abengoa Bioenergy SA filed for […]

Iowa, Nebraska: Bankruptcies Ramp Up, Financial Ice Cracking – DTN May 5, 2015

🕔May 5, 2015
The farm financial ice is beginning to crack, reports from financial consultants, machinery dealers and bankruptcy attorneys show. If you are facing bankruptcy you are probably experiencing severe financial problems. […]

Family Farm: Legal Risk in Implied Partnership – 3 Tips Feb 2, 2015

🕔Feb 2, 2015
A 2014 Nebraska Court of Appeals decision illustrates that when parents and a son or daughter share ag equipment and labor, they may be considered to be in an implied […]

Farm Taxes: Bill to Eliminate Capital Gains from Post-Bankruptcy Sales – DTN Jan 20, 2015

🕔Jan 20, 2015
Farmers filing for Chapter 12 bankruptcy reorganization would no longer have to worry about paying taxes on capital gains coming from post-bankruptcy sales under legislation to be introduced by Sens. […]

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