Georgia Crops: Conditions Perfect for Disease

🕔Jun 19, 2018Here is our corn in the field. It is silking now and may have less issues than any other crop right now. Sunshine is helping with pollination. Silks come out […]

Mississippi Cotton: Foliar Diseases Don’t Warrant a Fungicide

🕔Aug 16, 2017Unsightly spots on cotton leaves are becoming more common as the year progresses.  There are a number of things that can cause cotton leaf spotting including herbicide injury, disease, insect feeding (i.e. […]

South Dakota Soybeans: Bacterial Blight on the Increase in Some Fields

🕔Aug 4, 2017Bacterial blight was found in several soybean fields scouted in Brookings, Deuel and Moody counties. Recent heavy storms and/or hail injury may have increase the prevalence of bacterial blight. As […]

Georgia: Target Spot in Cotton, White Mold in Peanuts, Watch for Soybean Rust

🕔Aug 4, 2017The current weather is very favorable for development of target spot and also spread of bacterial blight in cotton. There are reports of white mold and some leaf spot in […]

Georgia Peanuts, Cotton, Soybeans: Conditions Perfect for Disease Development

🕔Jul 21, 2017Weather conditions are absolutely perfect now for white mold and leaf spot diseases of peanut, and bacterial blight of cotton, and also for diseases of soybeans to include soybean rust and […]

Texas – West Plains IPM: Cotton Blooms Close; No Sugarcane Aphid, So Far

🕔Jul 21, 2017Cotton has really been growing off well under the current weather conditions. Many fields are reaching bloom stage or will be blooming in the next week or so. This is […]

Tennessee Cotton: Don’t Let Bacterial Blight Fool You

🕔Jul 20, 2017Think you are seeing target spot in your cotton? Make sure to double check it’s not just bacterial blight…

Ohio Soybeans: Septoria Brown Spot and Bacterial Blight – No Need for Fungicides

🕔Jul 18, 2017As folks can get in through the muddy fields a couple of foliar diseases are beginning to be spotted. The first, Septoria brown spot, is a normal disease found throughout […]

Mississippi Cotton: Bacterial Blight Showing Up; No Target Spot Yet

🕔Jul 7, 2017Once again, cotton fields have been observed to contain bacterial blight. As of July 6, target spot has not been observed in the MS cotton crop. However, be mindful that several […]

Georgia Cotton: Be on Look for Target Spot, Bacterial Blight

🕔Jun 23, 2017In addition to root-knot nematodes and target spot disease, Georgia cotton farmers should be prepared to fight bacterial blight, said University of Georgia Cooperative Extension plant pathologist Bob Kemerait. Kemerait […]

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