Texas: Enlist Herbicides – Minimizing Off-Target Movement

🕔May 31, 2018Numerous complaints have been received from the off-target movement of auxin herbicides in parts of South and East Texas over the past two weeks. Due to the extremely high sensitivity […]

Texas: Application Timing Critical With Auxin Herbicides

🕔Mar 12, 2018With the introduction of new formulations of 2,4-D (Enlist One and Enlist Duo) and dicamba (XtendiMax, Engenia, and FeXapan) for use in Enlist and XtendFlex cotton, growers now have more […]

Texas: Permian Basin Cotton Conference, Big Spring, March 1

🕔Feb 1, 2018The Permian Basin Cotton Conference, a multi-county event conducted by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, is set from 8 a.m.-noon March 1 at the G.C. Broughton Jr. Ag Complex, […]

Alabama: Who Should Attend 2018 Auxin Training?

🕔Feb 1, 2018There is some confusion over who is required to attend the 2018 Auxin Training. If you plan to grow Xtend cotton or soybeans and use the new dicamba formulations, Engenia, […]

Texas Cotton, Soybeans: “Hit the Target” Website, Other Tools Help with Dicamba Training

🕔Jan 22, 2018While cotton and soybean producers across Texas are getting the do’s and don’ts for applying new chemical formulations to their crop, the education is being extended to producers with sensitive […]

Texas, Oklahoma: Auxin Training Added to Red River Crops Conference, Jan. 17

🕔Jan 12, 2018The fifth annual Red River Crops Conference is set for Jan. 17-18 at the Southwest Technology Center, 711 W. Tamarack Road, Altus, Oklahoma. “Planning for Success – Crop Production Information Designed for Southwest […]

North Carolina: Auxin Stewardship Training Schedule and Information

🕔Jan 9, 2018Labels for Engenia, FeXapan, and XtendiMax were recently revised. Those products are now classified as Federal Restricted Use Pesticides. They can only be sold by Licensed Pesticide Dealers and purchased only by licensed/certified (commercial and private) applicators. The labels […]

Texas: Auxin Specific Herbicide Training, Tulia, Feb. 7

🕔Jan 5, 2018The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Swisher County Ag Committee will host an auxin specific herbicide training for producers from 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m. Feb. 7 at the Attebury Grain office, […]

Dicamba: Minnesota-Specific Training and Use Requirements

🕔Jan 5, 2018An estimated 10,000+ Minnesotans will use Monsanto, DowDupont, and BASF’s new dicamba products this year. All individuals applying XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology (Monsanto, EPA Reg. No. 524-617), FeXapan with VaporGrip […]

Texas Cotton, Soybeans: Dicamba Label Update and Mandatory Training

🕔Dec 12, 2017Dicamba tolerant cotton and soybean varieties were brought to the market in 2015 and 2016, respectively, and were followed in 2017 by the newly registered dicamba herbicides formulated specifically to […]

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