Alabama Cotton, Peanuts: 4 Late Season Disease Considerations Sep 15, 2020

🕔Sep 15, 2020
Late season foliar and soilborne peanut diseases continue to be problem in Alabama due to conducive weather. Peanut rust has been found on non-treated plants in research trials in Headland. […]

Alabama Cotton, Peanuts: Scout Fields for Fungal Diseases Sep 2, 2020

🕔Sep 2, 2020
Due to the warm, wet weather, fungal diseases continue to be an issue for Alabama cotton. Cotton producers should continue to scout their cotton fields for areolate mildew and target […]

Alabama Cotton, Peanuts: Plan Fungicide Applications Ahead of Hurricane Landfall Aug 25, 2020

🕔Aug 25, 2020
The biggest concern this week for producers is the potential landfall of either Hurricane Marco or tropical storm Laura. As of Sunday August 23, the latest tracks show both storms […]

Georgia Cotton: 6 Diseases to Watch for in August Aug 1, 2019

🕔Aug 1, 2019
In my world of all things “disease and nematode management” of Georgia’s cotton crop, August is a very important month for growers. It is important for two very different reasons. […]

Georgia Cotton: 1st Bloom is Here; Protect Your Crop, Maximize Yields Jul 3, 2019

🕔Jul 3, 2019
Three foliar diseases are expected to affect cotton production in Georgia this year and all of them may become more apparent in July. One of them, Stemphylium leaf spot, is […]

Alabama Cotton: Dealing with Target Spot, Areolate Mildew Damage Apr 16, 2019

🕔Apr 16, 2019
Target spot and areolate mildew—both cotton fungal diseases—can cause widespread early defoliation. According to an Alabama Extension plant pathologist, the target spot is a greater threat to intensively managed cotton, […]

Alabama Peanuts, Cotton: Aug. a Bad Month for Foliar Diseases Aug 30, 2018

🕔Aug 30, 2018
Peanut Prior to the recent dry weather this past week, the generally wet and cloudy weather patterns over much of August across Alabama were favorable for the development of foliar […]

North Carolina Cotton: Areolate Mildew Confirmed in Halifax County Aug 30, 2018

🕔Aug 30, 2018
Areolate mildew (Ramularia areola syn. Ramularia gossypii) has been confirmed on samples collected from Halifax County, North Carolina. This is likely not the only field given recent wet weather conditions. Symptoms […]

North Carolina Cotton: Areolate Mildew May Be Present, What to Look For Aug 27, 2018

🕔Aug 27, 2018
Recently, cotton producers have been concerned with areolate mildew (Ramularia areola syn. Ramularia gossypii) in North Carolina cotton. This disease is not common to North Carolina, but recent wet weather […]

Sawyer on Crops: Cotton Diseases – Target Spot and Areolate Mildew – Podcast Aug 16, 2018

🕔Aug 16, 2018
Wet, humid conditions are causing problems with diseases in cotton. In this installment of the South Georgia Pine podcast, UGA Extension Agent Andrew Sawyer discusses target spot and areolate mildew […]

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