Sugarcane Aphids: Court Rejects EPA’s Wide Approval of Transform – DTN

🕔Sep 11, 2015A federal court Thursday rejected the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s unconditional approval of Dow AgroScience’s insecticide sulfoxaflor. How that ruling will affect growers using the product in 2015 remains to […]

Mississippi Sorghum: Managing Sugarcane Aphids at Harvest

🕔Sep 11, 2015Some grain sorghum still remains to be harvested around the state and sugarcane aphid populations have remained high in a lot of areas. We had a post by Erick Larson and […]

South Dakota Winter Wheat: Management Considerations for Aphids

🕔Sep 10, 2015South Dakota winter wheat planting is fast approaching, and with that comes an opportunity to employ a few preventative management solutions. Although we cannot predict aphid pressure in winter wheat […]

Illinois Sorghum: Look Out for Sugarcane Aphids in the South

🕔Sep 10, 2015On August 10, 2015, Dr. Doug Johnson, an Extension Entomologist with the University of Kentucky reported that the sugarcane aphid, Melanaphis sacchari (Zehntner), was collected in two western Kentucky counties […]

Texas Sorghum: Beneficials Help Manage Sugarcane Aphids in Hale County

🕔Sep 4, 2015The majority of our program sorghum fields are in a milky dough stage to coloring dough. I can make note of a few area fields with combines starting to make […]

Tennessee Soybean, Sorghum: Managing Pests Before Harvest

🕔Sep 3, 2015Soybean Although stink bug populations remain generally light, there are now some reports of populations exceeding the treatment threshold of 9 per 25 sweeps. Remember you should probably double this […]

Texas Cotton, Corn: Not a Great Home for Sugarcane Aphids

🕔Aug 31, 2015Many people on the High Plains are finding what looks like sugarcane aphids on corn and to a lesser extent cotton, and the question we are receiving is whether the […]

South Dakota Soybeans: Aphids – Is Management Necessary?

🕔Aug 27, 2015Reports are coming in that soybean aphid (Figure 1) populations in South Dakota are increasing and in some instances reaching economically important levels. Before making a management decision, confirm soybean […]

Texas Sorghum: How Long You Hold Off Sugarcane Aphid Treatments

🕔Aug 27, 2015SCA Efficacy Trial 21 DAT Counts & SCA 2nd Treatment Decision Options Before we started our counts today, we discussed the validity of these 21 DAT counts. We knew that the […]

Virginia Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Drawing Closer

🕔Aug 26, 2015Sugarcane aphid (SCA) is inundating sorghum in a lot of the southeast and mid-South. As of this week (Aug. 26) we know that a field plot in Kinston, NC (see […]

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