Oklahoma and Texas Wheat Disease Update

🕔Apr 6, 2018Powdery mildew (Figure 1) is showing up on lower leaves in fields and trials around Stillwater, and I have also had reports of powdery mildew on lower leaves from Extension […]

Texas Blacklands IPM: Plenty of Rain and More to Come

🕔Apr 13, 2017Rain hit hard earlier this week and drenched the county once again.Wheat is in grain fill to soft dough. Corn is growing well but may be experiencing some nitrogen deficiencies […]

Army Cutworms Already Hitting Wheat and Canola – DTN

🕔Mar 17, 2017Farmers aren’t the only ones waiting to see how wheat comes out of dormancy this year. Army cutworms may also be lurking just beneath the surface, ready to eat newly […]

Sorghum: Commercial Varieties with Built-in Resistance to Sugarcane Aphid – DTN

🕔Mar 4, 2017American sorghum varieties are surprisingly well equipped to take on the sugarcane aphid, according to a Kansas State researcher.   “It’s very unusual to have such a large number of […]

Soybean Aphid: Does This Pest Reduce Your Yield or Just Your Bank Account?

🕔Jul 19, 2016Before soybean aphid was identified as a pest of soybean in the U.S. in 2000, insecticide applications to northern soybean crops were rare, targeting sporadic insect and mite outbreaks. Although […]

Texas Cotton: Aphid on the Prowl; Be on Watch Fleahoppers

🕔May 9, 2016Much of the Coastal Bend and Wintergarden cotton is out of danger for thrips injury. It has been a quiet year for thrips and may give credence that cotton insecticide […]

South Carolina Wheat: New Aphid Pest, Be On The Lookout

🕔Apr 18, 2016A new aphid pest of wheat, Sipha maydis, was found for the first time in South Carolina in April 2016. This species is found in Europe, Asia and parts of […]

Aphids Proven to Have Genetic Diversity – DTN

🕔Jan 11, 2016The soybean aphid will always win the numbers game. Each year, aphid populations can produce multiple generations within a growing season in the same field, which makes them especially good […]

How to Properly Scout for Sugarcane Aphids – Video

🕔Dec 18, 2015Learn how to scout sorghum for common insect pests in a newly released video by Scott Stewart, IPM Extension Specialist at University of Tennessee.

Texas: Transform Section 18 Request for Sugarcane Aphids, 2016

🕔Dec 11, 2015Dale R. Scott, Coordinator for Pesticide Product Evaluation and Registration, Texas Department of Agriculture, this week submitted a Section 18 (emergency exemption) request to EPA to allow Transform insecticide (sulfoxaflor) […]



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