California Almonds: Water Footprint Smaller than Global Average

🕔Apr 12, 2018New research published in the Journal of Ecological Indicators has found that the water footprint of almonds grown in California is smaller than a global average originally reported. The study […]

California Almonds: 5 Observations on This Year’s Crop

🕔Apr 2, 2018Spring conditions over the past week have finally turned favorable for growth. After a very warm winter, a long bloom with periods of cold weather, followed by a few weeks […]

California Almonds: Frost Damage Effects – Points to Consider for 2018

🕔Mar 9, 2018The frost event from the week of the February 19th impacted almond production Statewide. Temperatures dropped in many areas below the critical temperatures. This was compounded with a low dew […]

California Almonds: Spring Nutrient, Water Management Field Day, Chowchilla, March 20

🕔Mar 9, 2018Come learn about nitrogen and water management at a field day jointly held by UC Cooperative Extension, UC Davis, CDFA-FREP, and the Almond Board of California.

California Almonds: How Late Can You Shake Trees for Winter Sanitation?

🕔Jan 24, 2018Winter sanitation is critical in managing navel orangeworm (as well as some other diseases) within almonds. Removing this past year’s remaining almonds – also known as mummies – is a […]

Almond Board of California Invests $4.8 Mln in ‘Next-Generation’ Farming Research

🕔Dec 5, 2017Almond Board of California (ABC) today announced an investment of $4.8 million in 64 independent, third-party research projects exploring next-generation farming practices. Additionally, ABC released the first annual Almond Sustainability […]

Australia’s Almond Industry: Observations from a Trip Down Under

🕔Nov 28, 2017During the first two weeks of November, I was able to attend the once-every-four-years International Research Congress on Pistachios and Almonds. This meeting was held in Adelaide, Australia in which […]

Tree Crops: Record Almond Crop; Walnuts Decline; Pecans Up 8% – USDA

🕔Oct 11, 2017Record-Large California Almond Crop Forecast for the 2017/18 Season In July, the NASS Pacific Regional Office released the 2017 California Almond Objective Measurement Report, which revised production up 2 percent […]

Tree Nut, Fruit Market: Almonds, Walnuts Record Year; Fruit Rebound; Citrus Decline – USDA

🕔Oct 4, 2017ERS conducts market outlook activities on the U.S. fruit and tree nuts industry. Details on major changes and events in the various commodity markets comprising this industry are published in […]

California Almonds: Impacts of Soil Variability on Tree Performance

🕔Jul 10, 2017Many people are aware that soil types play a significant role with tree vigor and productivity, as well as affect management decisions relating to irrigation, pre-plant fumigation, fertigation practices, etc. […]

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