Pennsylvania: What Pests are Overwintering in Your Field?

🕔Feb 9, 2018Although some pests migrate to Pennsylvania in the spring, some overwinter right here in Pennsylvania. Below are descriptions of some of the insect pests in field crops that overwinter in […]

Minnesota: New Research Shows Increased Yield with Liming Treatments

🕔Jan 30, 2018When needed, liming materials can be major beneficial inputs for crop production in Minnesota. When soils are acid, lime will neutralize the soil to the ideal pH. pH can affect […]

Sustainable Farming Project Seeking New Farmer Participants In SJ Valley Watershed

🕔Jan 24, 2018A program that promotes sustainable farming heads into its fifth year looking to expand its reach in the Lower San Joaquin Valley River Watershed. The San Joaquin Sustainable Farming Project, […]

Minnesota Corn: 5 Tips for Profitably Managing Sulfur

🕔Jan 18, 2018Sulfur is becoming increasingly important to crop production in Minnesota. Soil organic matter is a large storehouse for sulfur, but we still run into situations where the crop needs fertilizer […]

Nebraska: 2018 Weed, Disease, and Insect Management Guide Available

🕔Jan 16, 2018The 2018 Guide for Weed, Disease, and Insect Management in Nebraska (EC130) is now available here. This 332-page guide offers a single, comprehensive resource for your pest management challenges. It is written […]

Genetically Modified Crops: 28 Countries, 18 Mln Farmers, 10 Species

🕔Dec 14, 2017Genetically modified crops were planted on a record 457.4 million acres globally in 2016, up 3 percent from the 444 million acres planted in 2015, according to statistics released by […]

Texas Field Reports: Conditions Brewing for Warm, Dry Winter

🕔Sep 26, 2017Dry conditions around the state could worsen over the next few months as a warmer, drier winter is expected, said the state climatologist. Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon said cooler waters in […]

Iowa Crop Update: Drought Stressed Crops Heading Towards Harvest

🕔Sep 14, 2017As the 2017 growing season winds down, ISU Extension and Outreach field agronomists share how the crops are progressing and finishing out the season in their repressive regions across the state. […]

Michigan: Understanding Growing Degree-Days

🕔Aug 31, 2017Growing degree-days (GGDs), while not perfect, are a more reliable method of predicting crop and insect development than calendar days. Differing threshold temperatures and beginning accumulation dates are used to […]

Texas Field Reports: Beef Prices Decline as Supplies Increase

🕔Aug 1, 2017The beef cattle market has slowed recently due to increased production and decreased demand following a tremendous spring rally, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert. Dr. David […]

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