Ohio Weather: Farmers Need to Gear Up for More Rain Mar 14, 2019

🕔Mar 14, 2019
Weather extremes like those during 2018, much more rain, and heavier downpours are likely to become the norm rather than the exception in Ohio, according to a climate expert with […]

Ohio Corn: Extensive Spread of Vomitoxin Could Affect 2019 Crop Jan 14, 2019

🕔Jan 14, 2019
A wetter than normal summer and fall in Ohio led to the worst spread of a toxin on corn in at least a decade, according to a grain disease expert […]

Ohio: 2018 on Track to Be 3rd Wettest on Record Dec 20, 2018

🕔Dec 20, 2018
The soggy truth? Ohio had a really wet year. After an exceptionally rainy fall in Ohio, the state is on track to have its third wettest year ever, said Aaron […]

Dicamba: Midwest States Recommend Added Steps To Prevent Movement Nov 26, 2018

🕔Nov 26, 2018
New restrictions a federal agency has put on using a controversial weed killer aren’t enough to prevent it from spreading onto nearby plants, according to an Ohio State University weed […]

Corn, Soy Prices Down; Trade Gap Grows: Short on Optimism Nov 7, 2018

🕔Nov 7, 2018
Farmers rattled by the dip in value of their soybean crop likely will see prices for their corn go up next year, one of the few optimistic projections made at […]

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