Livestock: 20 States Fight California Regulation – DTN Apr 14, 2021

    🕔Apr 14, 2021
    California’s Proposition 12 is under fire from at least 20 states, as the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has been asked to review whether the California law is […]

    California: Department of Justice Sides With Ag on Prop 12 – DTN Dec 17, 2020

    🕔Dec 17, 2020
    The U.S. Department of Justice and the North American Meat Institute asked a federal appeals court for a full hearing on a requested injunction to halt implementation of California’s Proposition […]

    Opioid Use: Rural America Is Key Battlefront – DTN Dec 18, 2018

    🕔Dec 18, 2018
    Pandora’s box was an artifact from Greek mythology. In Greek poet Hesiod’s “Works and Days,” Pandora’s box was a large jar given to Pandora that contained all of the world’s […]

    Waters of the U.S. Rule: 28 States Not Under EPA’s WOTUS Jurisdiction – DTN Sep 19, 2018

    🕔Sep 19, 2018
    Add Iowa to the list of now 28 states not under the jurisdiction of the 2015 waters of the United States rule thanks to a ruling by the U.S. District […]

    EPA Wants Judgement in New York Waters of the U.S. Case – DTN Jul 5, 2018

    🕔Jul 5, 2018
    The EPA is expected to ask a federal judge in New York to rule in its favor on a lawsuit challenging the delay of the 2015 waters of the United […]

    Waters of the U.S. Rule on Hold in 24 States – DTN Jun 13, 2018

    🕔Jun 13, 2018
    A federal district court in Georgia slapped a preliminary injunction on the 2015 waters of the United States, or WOTUS, rule on Friday, suspending the implementation of the rule in […]

    U.S. Court of Appeals Rules Gray Wolf is Protected Despite Farm, Ranch Losses – DTN Aug 8, 2017

    🕔Aug 8, 2017
    Though farmers in the upper Midwest continue to fend off the gray wolf from harming livestock, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Tuesday reversed […]

    Farm Business: Does Cutting Your Expenses Mean Giving Up Health Insurance? – DTN Jan 25, 2017

    🕔Jan 25, 2017
    During year-end meetings with farm clients, Minneapolis-based consultant Rod Mauszycki, heard farmers pose a question the veteran tax adviser had never heard before, What’s the penalty for not carrying health […]

    Endangered Species Act Under Fire By 14 States Asking for Repeal of 2 Rules – DTN Jan 20, 2017

    🕔Jan 20, 2017
    Fourteen states are seizing the moment in asking the Trump administration in a letter this week to repeal two new Endangered Species Act rules they say are costly to farmers […]

    10 Million Acres of Wildfires Exhaust Forest Service Budget Jan 6, 2016

    🕔Jan 6, 2016
    Since 2000, fire seasons have grown longer, and the frequency, size and severity of wildland fires has increased. The 2015 fires stretched across federal, state and private land with Alaska, […]


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