5 Safety Tips for Working with Anhydrous – DTN Apr 12, 2021

    🕔Apr 12, 2021
    The least expensive form of nitrogen also has the potential to be one of the most dangerous chemicals used in agriculture today. However, anhydrous ammonia can be used safely if […]

    Court Halts Pesticide Ag Worker Rule – DTN Dec 31, 2020

    🕔Dec 31, 2020
    A federal court issued a temporary restraining order on Monday barring the EPA from implementing a new rule on pesticide application exclusion zones. A number of farm worker groups sued […]

    Grain Dust Explosions Up in 2018; Injuries, Fatalities Decline Feb 25, 2019

    🕔Feb 25, 2019
    An increase in grain dust explosions were reported nationally at grain handling, feed manufacturing and biofuel facilities in 2018; however, resulting injuries and fatalities were down from the previous year, […]

    Farm Safety: Extracting Farm Machinery from Muddy Fields Sep 13, 2018

    🕔Sep 13, 2018
    Weather continues to change and impact field conditions this time of year. Rain, snow, and ice can complicate a day’s work in the field when soil becomes water logged. Often […]

    Pesticide Safety: Gloves Are First Line of Defense May 3, 2017

    🕔May 3, 2017
    Pesticide handlers get by far the most exposure from pesticides on their hands and forearms. Research has shown that workers mixing pesticides received 85% of the total exposure on their […]

    Safe Electricity – 7 Tips for a Safe Harvest Sep 19, 2016

    🕔Sep 19, 2016
    During harvest season, many farmers reap the benefits of advancement in agricultural technology. With the help of GPS auto-steer devices, farmers are able to decrease driver error and maximize productivity. […]

    Farm Safety: Tractor Rollovers the Leading Cause of Injuries, Deaths Sep 8, 2016

    🕔Sep 8, 2016
    Did you know farming is among the most dangerous occupations and that most farm-related injuries are caused by machinery? Rollovers are the leading cause of serious injuries. Refer this useful […]

    Indiana: Grain Dust Combustion Prevention Workshop, West Lafayette, Sept. 15 Aug 30, 2016

    🕔Aug 30, 2016
    A Purdue Extension workshop and on-site program will help farmers and workers in grain handling facilities learn how to prevent grain dust combustion and explosion. The workshop, which is co-sponsored […]


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