UGA Phenomics and Plant Robotics Center Aims to Improve Crop Breeding

🕔Mar 20, 2018Automated data collection and analysis pipelines are changing the way humans generate and use information. At the University of Georgia, researchers harness the power of advanced sensing, robotics and big-data […]

Ag Robot Speeds Data Collection, Analyses of Crops as They Grow

🕔Mar 13, 2018A new lightweight, low-cost agricultural robot could transform data collection and field scouting for agronomists, seed companies and farmers. The TerraSentia crop phenotyping robot, developed by a team of scientists […]

Weed Control’s Future? Aussie Robotic Sprayers “Swarm” Across Fields – AgFax Weed Solutions

🕔Dec 14, 2017The company received a significant boost when it entered into a partnership with the Australian subsidiary of Bosch, the German engineering and electronics company. Bosch is one of the world’s […]

Ag Tech: New Autonomous Robot Helps Measure Crop Traits

🕔Sep 12, 2017Investors and executives in the agricultural industry are getting a first look at TerraSentia, a new-to-the-market agricultural robot that autonomously measures crop traits, developed at the University of Illinois. TerraSentia […]

Ag Tech: Experts Discuss the Future of Drones, Robotics in Agriculture

🕔Jul 26, 2017Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and other robotic vehicles are no longer seen as toys for hobbyists, but are becoming an important tool for the future of agriculture. But many people […]

Ag Tech: This Field Robot Could be Your Future New Best Friend

🕔Apr 21, 2017A semiautonomous robot may soon be roaming agricultural fields gathering and transmitting real-time data about the growth and development of crops, information that crop breeders – and eventually farmers – […]

Corn: Improving Drought Tolerance with the Help of Robots

🕔Mar 29, 2017In March 2014, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded the University of Missouri a $20 million grant as part of a multi-institutional consortium to study how corn maintains root growth […]

Ag Tech: Crop Scientists, Engineers Team Up to Improve Crops with Robotic Technology

🕔Feb 10, 2017It may be a while before robots and drones are as common as tractors and combine harvesters on farms, but the high-tech tools may soon play a major role in […]

Ag Robotic Sales – Study Projects $74 Bln In Annual Sales By 2024

🕔Dec 22, 2016Tractica, a market research firm focusing on technology, forecasts that shipments of ag robots will increase significantly in the years ahead. Specifically: Volume will rise from 32,000 units in 2016 […]

South Carolina: Ag Robot, Drones Put on Show at Clemson

🕔Aug 23, 2016A rumbling robot and several high-flying drones recently made an on-site appearance at Clemson University to burrow through and buzz above 15 acres of experimental sorghum plots containing more than […]



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