USDA Acreage, Yield Estimates – Where Do the Numbers Come From? Oct 8, 2019

🕔Oct 8, 2019
2019 has been a turbulent year.  Unprecedented rains during spring, which led to heavy flooding and disrupted corn planting in many states, created a forecasting environment more challenging than usual.  […]

Corn, Soybean Production – Persistent Adverse Conditions Disrupt Outlook Jun 24, 2019

🕔Jun 24, 2019
The most recent crop forecast from the U.S. Department of Agriculture revealed that unprecedented spring weather has already negatively impacted production prospects for corn. Meanwhile, recent news items highlight the […]

Crop Planting Intentions Highlight Land-Use Changes Apr 17, 2017

🕔Apr 17, 2017
The end-of-March 2017 wheat planted acreage numbers decreased 8.2 percent from one year ago at 46.1 million acres, driven by poor wheat prices and following a general trend of decreasing […]

Mississippi Wheat: Drought-Dry Soil Slows Planting Nov 6, 2015

🕔Nov 6, 2015
Mississippi farmers are expected to plant as much as 200,000 acres of wheat this year, but very little had been planted by the end of October because of exceptionally dry […]

Soybeans: The Big Deal About USDA’s August Report – DTN Aug 4, 2015

🕔Aug 4, 2015
Normally, if you asked me what the most important USDA report was for soybeans, I would say the June 30 combination of Acreage and Grain Stocks. The two tell us […]

Georgia Peanuts: Highest Acreage Since 1991 Jul 20, 2015

🕔Jul 20, 2015
The NASS USDA Acreage Report was released on June 30 giving the first planted acreage estimates based on surveys.   Planted acres of peanuts in Georgia were pegged at 800,000 acres, […]

Farm Size: Is Bigger Better? Comparisons, Fine Points From Midwest Jan 23, 2015

🕔Jan 23, 2015
The idea that larger farms have a more efficient cost structure was explored in the July 18, 2014 article. That earlier article looked at some of the variable costs (crop […]

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