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Here is the second of two 2012 PeanutFax Harvest Survey Reports, sponsored by  the Southern staff of Chemtura AgroSolutions.


Thanks to everyone who responded this week!



Applied early, Dimilin® insect growth regulator prevents pest larvae from advancing to the next life stage, stopping them before they have a chance to damage your peanuts.

Dimilin 2L has the proven efficacy to help stop these common peanut pests:

• Lesser cornstalk borer
• Velvetbean caterpillars
• Beet, fall, southern and yellow-striped armyworms
• Green cloverworms
• Granulate cutworms
• Immature grasshoppers

"When we piggyback Dimilin with our peanut fungicide sprays, we often end up not having to use the more expensive pesticides for worm control and may also eliminate the need for an additional trip across the field—which saves money on labor and equipment. To growers that means a lot."

-Scott Brown, Retired Colquitt County
University of Georgia Extension Coordinator

Click here for usage and application rates for Dimilin. Visit or contact your local Chemtura AgroSolutions representative for more information.

Keith Griffith: AL, NC, SC, MS

Jay Hallaron: GA, FL

Dimilin is a restricted use pesticide.
Always read and follow label directions.

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Florida, Calhoun County, Grower: "Our final average for 2012 was 5,064 lbs/acre, with grades at 75-76.


Date of report: Date of report: 11/13/2012




Georgia, Jenkins County, Extension/University: "We have harvested 95% of our crop. Dryland peanuts are averaging 4,000 lbs/acre, while irrigated peanuts are yielding 5,000 lbs/acre."


Date of report: 11/12/2012




Georgia, Worth County, Dealer/Manager: "Peanut harvest is 98% done, while about 40% of the cotton has been picked. Yields, overall, are good."


Date of report: 11/12/2012




Georgia, Colquitt, Thomas, Brooks and Worth Counties, Farm Manager: "Harvest has been completed. Peanut yields ranged between 4,200 to 6,400 lbs/acre with grades of 76 to 82."


Date of report: 11/12/2012




Mississippi, 8 Counties in Northeast Mississippi, Extension: "Harvest at this point is 90% finished. Yields are good."


Date of report: 11/12/2012




Texas, Gaines, Yoakum, Terry and Dawson Counties, Private Consultant: "Harvest has been completed. Peanut yields were good to excellent."


Date of report: 11/12/2012




Georgia, Ben Hill, Irwin and Appling Counties, Private Consultant: "Harvest has been completed. Yields range from 4,000 to 6,000 lbs/acre on dryland and 5,000 to 7,400 lbs/acre on irrigated. The majority of the grades were between 73 and 80. A few earlier planted dryland grades were in the 60s."


Date of report: 11/12/2012




Georgia, Berrien County, Grower: "Harvest has been completed. Grades were in the mid to high seventies."


Date of report: 11/12/2012 



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Alabama, Henry County, Grower: "At this point we have harvested 98% of our peanuts. Yields are good to excellent."


Date of report: 11/12/2012



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Georgia, Wilcox County, Grower: "We have completed peanut harvest. Average yields range from 2,500 to 4,800 lbs/acre."


Date of report: 11/12/2012




South Carolina, Orangeburg County, Grower: "Harvest has been completed. Final peanut yield was 4,450 lbs/acre with a 78 grade."


Date of report: 11/12/2012




Georgia, Tattnall County, Extension: "At this point we have harvested 90% of our peanuts, and the crop was excellent for the most part. Most of the peanuts I've seen are grading in the mid 70s or better, with most dryland fields exceeding 2 tons per acre."


Date of report: 11/11/2012




South Carolina, Marlboro County, Grower: "Peanut harvest has finished with an average yield of 4,250 lbs/acre and good grades. All of our peanuts were Virginias."


Date of report: 11/11/2012




Georgia, Jefferson, Grower: "Harvest has been completed. Average yield was 6,600 lbs/acre, with grades at 74 to 77."


Date of report: 11/11/2012



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Oklahoma, Caddo County, Grower and Farm Manager: "Harvest has been completed. Peanuts averaged from 2,500 to 5,500 lbs/acre, with grades of 68-72 on Spanish and 75-78 for runners."


Date of report: 11/11/2012




Georgia, Berrien County, Grower and Dealer Fieldman/Agronomist: "At this time we have harvested 99% of the peanuts. Grades are mostly in the mid to high 70s, with yields from 4,000 to over 6,000 lbs/acre."


Date of report: 11/11/2012




North Carolina, Pitt, Wilson, Wayne, Lenoir, Green and Johnson Counties: "Peanut harvest is 75% completed at this time. Yields range from 3,500 to 5,000 lbs/acre, with grades slightly above average."


Date of report: 11/11/2012




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