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What is Rain Harvesting?  Course Scheduled, Kerrville, April 12-13

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KERRVILLE, Texas March 17, 2010 – Rain harvesting is old technology now gaining popularity due to drought conditions and inadequate surface water. The Texas AgriLife Extension Service is offering an introductory course in Kerrville for those interested in learning the basics of rainwater harvesting for outdoor and indoor applications.

The course will take place April 12-13 at The Ag Barn, 3650 Highway 27.

“This will provide an overview of rainwater harvesting, its uses and applicability to conserving rainfall as a natural resource,” said Billy Kniffen, an AgriLife Extension program specialist in biological and agricultural engineering.

Kniffen said concepts and techniques introduced during the course will cover passive and active rainwater harvesting, including rain gardens, landscape design, rain barrels and larger systems, irrigation and other outside uses, in-home potable and non-potable uses, sanitation, maintenance, and state guidelines and incentives.

"The course was designed for anyone interested in installing a rainwater harvesting system,” he said.

The April 12 portion of the program begins with registration at 8:30 a.m. and concludes at 5 p.m. Sessions begin with an overview followed by presentations on water issues, incentives, codes and regulations; basics of passive and active rainwater collection systems and components; and a how-to session on building, hiding and decorating a rainwater harvesting system.

April 13 sessions will begin at 9 a.m. and conclude at noon. Presentations on rainwater harvesting system sanitation and maintenance will be followed by a hands-on “Let's Built It!” session, then a question-and-answer session and evaluation.

“The system construction portion this day will provide additional hands-on learning covering the basic components and construction of different types of rainwater harvesting systems, including solar, electrical, gravity-feed and pressure-feed systems,” Kniffen said.

The registration fee of $150 covers instruction, refreshments and training materials. Attendees can register online by going to . On-site registration the day of the program will be $175.

For more information, contact Kathryn Nachlinger at 979-845-5385 or .