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Annual Crops Symptomology Symposium - Focus on Cotton and Rice

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(February 4, 2010) - The 3rd Annual Louisiana Crops Symptomology Symposium is right around the corner.  This year the symposium will focus on cotton and rice.  I’ll be giving a presentation on rice insect symptomology.  Following is the information from the announcement.  I hope to see many of you in Alexandria next week.

Pre-LATMC – Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, SAI Convention Center, Alexandria, Emerald ABC

Pre-registration – $50.00

On-site registration – $100.00

One of the most difficult tasks that agricultural consultants face in their daily jobs is the diagnosis of crop disorders. In many instances, this diagnosis must be done in the absence of the casual agent such as an insect or pathogen. Identification of crop disorders is certainly not an exact science and a specific symptom may be caused by more than one plant stress. In addition, a symptom may be the result of multiple problems occurring at the same time.

To assist LACA consultants, county agents, and general IPM practitioners with the diagnosis of crop disorders, a 4-hour workshop has been scheduled just prior to the 2010 LATMC. This workshop will focus on the symptomology of rice and cotton disorders. Other Louisiana crops will be included at future LATMC meetings.

To provide training on the visual symptoms associated with a variety of crop disorders, a series of slides will be presented by a team of LSU AgCenter scientists who will discuss the visual symptoms important in identifying selected crop disorders. The goal is to provide an inter-disciplinary examination of crop symptomology resulting from pathogens, arthropods, nutrient deficiencies/toxicity, herbicide injury, and environmental effects. This workshop is not designed to include symptoms of every possible crop disorder, but to provide a simple overview of the most common problems. If successful, each crop group would be re-examined on a three year cycle to include more information on specific crop symptomology.

Each new participant will be provided a bound hard copy of the slides that will be used in the workshop. Those who participated in 2008 and/or 2009 should bring their own binders and just add in the 2010 hand-outs. This will save an additional $10.00 on the registration fee (fee will be $60.00 if another binder is provided). However, there will be no written information included with the slides and illustrations. Those individuals participating in the workshop will have the opportunity to record their own notes from the comments provided by the speakers.

Pre-registration is required. To register, indicate attendance on the LATMC registration form and submit registration fee of $50.00 prior to January 30, 2010. This workshop is separate from the LATMC and will not be considered mandatory for agricultural consultant and commercial pesticide applicator recertification. For more information, contact Roger Leonard, or Denise Wright,