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Rice News Feed

USA Rice Federation Daily, 3-18
Lincoln Announces $4.5 Billion Nutrition Legislation (Read More)

Diesel and gas prices up for fourth straight week
Diesel average price increases 2 cents a gallon nationally (Read More)

K. Good Farm Policy 3-18
Budget; Climate; Biofuels; Ag Econ; Food Safety; and Animal Ag (Read More)

Texas: What is rain harvesting?
Course scheduled, Kerrville, April 12-13 (Read More)

K. Good's Farm Policy, 3-17
Budget; Climate; Ag Economy; Trade; Biofuels; and Crop Insurance (Read More)

K. Good's Farm Policy, 3-16
Climate; Trade; Ag Economy; Corn Production (Read More)

Rice Advocate, 3-12
Rice farmers speak out against current U.S. policy toward Cuba (Read More)

K.Good's Farm Policy News, 3-12
Trade; Climate; Ag Competition; Animal Ag (Read More)

K.Good's Farm Policy News, 3-11
Jobs Bill; Insurance- SURE; Competition; Climate; and Trade (Read More)

Hurricanes: AccuWeather Calls For More Active 2010 Season
Expect a 2010 hurricane season more like the one in 2008 than 2009. (Read More)

Diesel, gasoline prices up yet another week, 86 cents above year-ago price
Average U.S. diesel price running 86 cents a gallon above same period a year ago. (Read More)

K.Good's Farm Policy News, 3-10
FAPRI; Biofuels; Disaster Payment; Climate Change; Farm Bill; Trade. (Read More)

Fight That Urge To Plant Into Vegetation - AMS Ag Report, E-Central Louisiana
How does the lineup of rice herbicides really compare to other crops? (Read More)

Rice Advocate, 3-5
Cuban Trade and Travel, H.R. 4645 (Read More)

Bayer Cuts Ignite Price
Also ramps up production. (Read More)

Arkansas: Rice Research News,3-3
"Roy J" is new high-yield and lodge resistant variety (Read More)

Diesel prices up 3 cents a gallon, 3-3
Gas prices also continue to increase (Read More)

Rice Advocate, 2-26
Producers Applaud Introduction of Cuba Trade and Travel Bill (Read More)

East-Central Louisiana 2010 Burndown And Planting Lags
Ruts remain a major issue for rice farmers (Read More)

Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation (CALT), 2-8
The Death (for the moment) of the Federal Estate Tax. (Read More)

Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation (CALT), 2-9
Top Ten Agricultural Law Developments of 2009 (Read More)

Mississippi Field Notes (Central Miss.), 2-8
Make sure your planting seed are good.| (Read More)

Texas Rice, Winter 2009
Cold Tolerance at Germination and Seedling Stages in Rice. (Read More)

Rice Industry Fears Job Losses, Economic Fall-Out from Ag Budget, 2-3
Farmers Applaud Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Other Ag Leaders for Opposing Plan (Read More)

EXCEL: The Louisiana: Projected 2010 Rice Farm Cash Flow Model
A Rice Production Farm Income and Expense Producer Decision Tool (Read More)

MANUAL: The Louisiana: Projected 2010 Rice Farm Cash Flow Model
PDF file with instructions for using the Excel spread sheet planner (Read More)

Louisiana: Rice Research Station News, 1-29
Two New Clearfield Varieties for 2010; Scout for Blast Early in the Season; White Tip Nematode; Comparison of Cruiser and Dermacor Seed Treatments; Blackbird Baiting Program. (Read More)

Diesel prices drop for second week in a row
National average down 4 cents, less in Gulf states and California (Read More)

Liberty-Link Traits Not Found In 2009 U.S. Rice Crop
Contamination cost sales, disrupted trade (Read More)

Louisiana: Projected 2010 Rice Farm Cash Flow Model, 1-25
A Rice Production Farm Income and Expense Producer Decision Tool. (Read More)

Soybeans still in the field? Look at them as a cover crop.|
Mississippi Field Notes (Central Miss.), 1-24 (Read More)

Tractor sales will remain weak in 2010, says association
Lower commodity and farm income numbers continue to depress buying enthusiasm (Read More)

10 Questions And Answers About Liberty-Link Soybeans
Overview from Georgia about where they fit with Roundup resistance in Palmer pigweed (Read More)

Rice Advocate, 1-15
USDA Proposes Cuts to Crop Insurance in SRA Negotiations. (Read More)


Washington observer calls rice 'growth industry'

AgFax.Com - Your Online Ag News Source


Baton Rouge, Louisiana (January 29, 2009) – Farmers attending the 2010 joint annual meeting of the Louisiana Rice Council and the Louisiana Rice Growers Association heard an optimistic report from  a Washington, D.C., agriculture journalist recently (Jan. 26). 

“You are in a growth industry,” said Jim Weisemeyer of Informa Economics, an agricultural research and consulting company. 

Increased wealth in China, Indonesia and India will result in an improved diet, “and they will have the money to buy it,” Weisemeyer said. 

But he said increased federal regulations continue to threaten the future of farming in the United States. 

“I think agriculture is going to be a shining star in the U.S. in the next decade, if you are allowed to be,” the journalist said.  

Weisemeyer said the nation’s recovery from a recession will be minimal, and unemployment now at 10 percent may peak at 10.5 percent. He said the nation’s accumulated $12 trillion debt could result in increased interest rates. 

It’s likely the federal agriculture budget will be cut this year, and that could speed up the process of writing the 2012 farm bill, he said. Climate change legislation is unlikely to muster congressional approval, he added. 

Betsy Ward, president of the USA Rice Federation, told the membership that U.S. rice exports in 2009 set a record at $2.3 billion.

But, she said, the Obama administration does not appear to have an obvious trade policy that could help boost overseas rice sales again. 

Ward also said U.S. food aid to Haiti in recent weeks amounted to 28,000 tons sent to the Caribbean nation, with another order in the works. 

Reece Langley, USA Rice vice president for government affairs, said crop insurance is likely to be reduced in the next farm bill. 

Although climate change legislation appears to have little chance of passage in Congress, he said, the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to act independently and draft new rules that would affect rice farmers. A group of U.S. senators is trying to stop that effort, he said. 

Langley said it’s possible that free trade with Cuba could be approved by the administration. 

He said cuts to the nation’s farm program are certain, even though two-thirds of it provides nutrition for children. He said farm programs only make up a fourth of one percent of the national budget.