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Here is the second of two Harvest Survey Reports for 2009. Thanks to everyone who responded to this week’s survey request.


The Ag Market Network held a conference call this morning that looked at current crop conditions in the Delta, Southeast and Texas and included panelists' thinking about market direction. We participated in the call, and the audio is available in a compressed MP3 file that should be more accessible with slower connection speeds.


Georgia, Burke County, Extension: "We have picked about 40% of the crop (as of 11/11), and the average yield is about 700 lbs/acre. Overall quality is varying tremendously. Progress is slow, as rains have not given long periods of good weather to pick. Also, many producers are still trying to get peanuts harvested at the same time. Peanut and soybean harvest have also been slow. It appears that soybean yields may turn out pretty good."

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Alabama, Madison County, Grower: "We have picked about 73% of our acreage (as of 11/11). Average yield is about 750 lbs/acre. We received 2 inches of rain on 11/10. Cotton is deteriorating and losing weight daily. Most grades have been good up to this point, but we are being forced to harvest cotton that is not ready because of the weather. Could be worse! Each field is turning out differently, with yields from 465 to 1,100 lbs/acre in close fields."

North Carolina, Stanly, Anson, Rowan and Cabarrus Counties, Occupation N/A: "About 60% of our cotton has been picked (as of 11/11), with an average yield of 1,100 lbs/acre. It’s good so far, but we’re getting lots of rain now. All crops were above average."

Alabama, Cherokee County, Grower: "So far, we’ve been able to pick about 30% of our crop (as of 11/11). Average yield is about 750 lbs/acre. Our crop is a waterlogged mess. We got an all-day, 3-inch rain from Ida on top of already saturated soil. It’s been very slow harvesting, and cotton has really suffered. We lost 250 lbs/acre to hard lock and rot, and grades are beginning to show it also. Soybeans have faired better but are in need of sunshine. We had a lot of damage in MG IV beans. MG Vs are better, but we’re beginning to see some damage in them. We need an extended period of sunny weather."

Georgia, Berrien County, Grower: "We have picked about 50% of our crop (as of 11/10). Average yield is about 900 lbs/acre. The crop was in excellent condition before Ida. We’ve dodged a bullet, so far, with the storm."

Georgia, Johnson County, Grower: "We have defoliated about 65% of our crop. Leaves are slowly coming off, and the boll opener has been slow to work. I’m sitting at the computer now (night of 11/10), listening to the howling wind, with rain pelting the house."

North Carolina, Northampton County, Grower: "We have picked 100% of our cotton. Average yield was 1,250 lbs/acre."

South Carolina, Orangeburg, Grower: "We have picked about 75% of our crop (as of 11/10), with an average yield of about 950 lbs/acre. The crop was in good shape. I don’t know what Ida will do to remaining part of it."

Georgia, Southwest Counties, Area Agronomist: "We have picked about 50% of our crop (as of 11/10), and the average yield is about 1,000 lbs/acre. It’s fair. We’ve gotten enough rain from Ida to hurt, but not enough to devastate the crop."

North Carolina, Halifax County, Grower: "We have picked about 80% of our crop (as of 11/10), and the average yield is about 1,200 lbs/acre. It’s an excellent crop. Corn averaged about 160 bu/acre."

Virginia, King William County, Grower: "So far, we’ve picked about 40% of our crop. The average yield is about 850 lbs/acre. We waited for bolls to open after multiple trips with boll opener applications and were 3 weeks later picking than usual. Delays were due to wet weather, and now Ida is arriving as I type (early evening, 11/10). Cotton is in a fragile state, and we need good harvest days to avoid continued loss. The corn is done, bean harvest is 80% completed and wheat is 85% planted."

Georgia, Appling, Coffee and Ben Hill Counties, Consultant: "We’ve picked about 40% of our crop (as of 11/10). Average yield is about 1,000 lbs/acre. We finally got a good week of picking last week. Now if Ida does not give us high winds and rain, we could wind up back in the fields in a couple days. We’ve really been lucky that a frost has not hit yet. My later planted cotton seems to be finally maturing out. The dryland cotton we’ve picked thus far is really turning out better than I expected, considering we were dry in Appling and Ben Hill counties. Yields are ranging from 900 to 1,100 lbs/acre on dry land. Most of the pivots are turning out 1,200 to 1,500 lbs/acre. All of my cotton is down to be defoliated. Peanut harvest has finally wrapped up! Yields on dry land were all over the board, depending on what variety was planted. The Georgia Greens were at the bottom on yields. The 06s and 07s really impressed me with their yields. I would say the 06s and 07s out-yielded the Georgia Greens anywhere from 400 to 1,000 lbs/acre! We will probably not plant a single field in Georgia Greens next year."

Alabama, Perry, Chilton and Shelby Counties, Grower: "We’ve defoliated 100% of our cotton and picked about 35% of it (as of 11/10). Average yield is about 500 lbs/acre. Excessive September and October rain has diminished our prospects from 800-plus lbs/acre potential to around 500. Late cotton prospects look better, but hurricane Ida just put another 4-plus inches of rain on us in the past 24 hours. It may be well into December before we can finish. No grades back as of yet. Most of our soybeans were MG Vs, so damage has been thankfully minor, with yields running 40 to 50 bu/acre. Peanuts have been our main concern, with digging running very late because of wet weather. Yields have been generally good, 3,500 to 4,500 lbs/acre, with grades of 75-plus."

North Carolina, Nash, Wilson, Greene and Johnston Counties, Consultant: "We’ve picked about 75% of our acreage (as of late afternoon, 11/10). Average yield is 750 to 800 lbs/acre. Heavy rains from Ida are on the way. It actually just started sprinkling. From 4 to 6 inches are predicted. Tobacco was great. Soybeans look average to great, depending on the soil type."

Georgia, Randolph and Terrell Counties, Grower: "We’ve defoliated 95% of the crop and picked 45% (as of 11/10). Average yield is about 1,000 lbs/acre. We don’t need this tropical storm."

Alabama, Geneva County, Grower: "We’ve picked about 20% of our crop (as of 11/10), and the average yield is about 800 lbs/acre. Excess rain has really hurt yields. Boll rot and hard lock are terrible. Harvest had just begun, then another 3 inches of rain hit."

North Carolina, Halifax County, Grower: "We have picked about 60% of our acreage (as of 11/8), with an average yield of about 1,200 lbs/acre. This is an excellent crop. We’ve finished picking corn, and the average yield was 156 bu/acre."

Georgia, Mitchell County, Grower: "We have picked about 80% of our crop (as of 11/8), with an average yield of about 1,200 lbs/acre. Picking has been going well. We can finish ours before the storm (Ida) gets here if all goes as planned. Custom harvest customers that we pick for are only about 25% complete, however."

South Carolina, Marlboro County, Grower: We have picked about 75% of our crop (as of 11/8). Average yield is about 950 lbs/acre. We have enjoyed a good week of dry, sunny weather. Yields have been from 750 to 1,400 lbs/acre, with the better yields from areas that received timely rains on rotated soils. Average yields will approach 2 bales in this area. Early reports are that the new BGII/RR Flex varieties are holding their own against the old DPL 555. Quality issues from high mic and short staple are of concern, even on irrigated acres. Peanut harvest is about over, and yields are from 2,500 to 4,500 lbs/acre, with overall quality good. MG V soybean yields are in the 25 to 35 bu/acre range, but damage from 4% to 10% is a concern. Wheat acreage will be reduced about 50% over last year’s plantings."

North Carolina, Scotland County, Warehouse: "We have picked about 50% of our crop (as of 11/7), with an average yield of about 900 lbs/acre. We finally got some good, much needed sunshine last Monday (11/2) and have had perfect cotton picking weather the whole week. A lot of producers are at the halfway point and moving fast. The crop looks a little better than average, so far. We got a good, hard frost this morning that will take care of any green left on beans. Hopefully, the weather will hold, and we can finish cotton, peanuts and beans."

Georgia, Screven County, Extension: "We have picked about 20% of our crop (as of 11/8). Average yield, so far, is about 800 lbs/acre. Clear weather has helped."

Alabama, Geneva County, Grower: "We’ve picked about 30% of our cotton (as of 11/11), with an average yield of about 500 lbs/acre. The pickers had just begun to roll after an October with 11" of rain, then another 3 inches from Ida fell on November 9. Our cotton is in terrible shape."

Georgia, Macon County, Extension: "We have defoliated about 50% of our cotton and picked about 15% of the acreage (as of 11/12). Rain over the last few days has put cotton harvest back again. Cotton maturity is really behind in the area. Boll opening has been tough. Producers are still trying to get peanuts out of the field. Soybean harvest has started."


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