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Here is the second of our two 2009 Midsouth Cotton Harvest Reports. Thanks to everyone who took part.


The Ag Market Network held a conference call this morning that looked at current crop conditions in the Delta, Southeast and Texas and included panelists' thinking about market direction. We participated in the call, and the audio is available in a compressed MP3 file that should be more accessible with slower connection speeds.


Mississippi, Northwest Counties, Extension: "About 70% of our cotton has been harvested (as of 11/11). Average yield, so far, is about 950 lbs/acre."

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Mississippi, Coahoma County, Extension: "About 75% of our cotton has been picked (as of 11/11), with an average yield of about 750 lbs/acre. Growers have been able to make great progress with harvest in the last 10 days. About 85% of the soybeans have been harvested."

Louisiana, West Carroll and Richland Parishes, Consultant: "We’ve picked about 50% of our crop (as of 11/11). The yield is about 700 lbs/acre – about what we expected, given 30 inches of rain since mid September."

Mississippi, Panola County, Grower: "We have picked 60% of our crop (as of 11/11). Yields are averaging from 975 to around 1,100 lbs/acre. Some varieties fared better than others through all the rain. Most of this variation, I think, was directly related to the percentage of cracked or open bolls during the wet spells. Corn turned out much better than expected. We’re trying to finish MG V beans now."

Arkansas, Cross County, Extension: "We have picked about 65% of our acreage (as of 11/10). Average yield is about 700 lbs/acre. Yields are off 40% to 60%, mostly due to hard locking. August and September were just too cool to finish out the crop. We have about 90% of the rice out. Surprisingly, the yields have held up, and we have seen only a small drop in milling quality. Beans are all over the board, from a total loss due to flooding to yields in the 50s and 60s (bu/acre). Producers close to Crowley’s Ridge are seeing little or no dockage for poor soybean seed quality, while beans from fields further west are being docked as high as 40%. Corn and grain sorghum harvest is complete, with yield losses in those crops as well."

Louisiana, East Carroll Parish, Consultant: "We have picked about 60% of our cotton (as of 11/10). Average yield is about 750 lbs/acre, raning from 600 to 1,050. We had excellent yield potential until 2 months of rain developed. Corn is finished, with yields from 60 to 140 bu/acre, mostly around 100. Soybean harvest is 90% complete. The remainder will be left in field or sold for $3 per bushel due to damage. Soybean yields were very good until damage ran too high."

Louisiana, Madison Parish, Grower and Dealer: "We’ve picked 90% of our crop (as of 11/10). Cotton has averaged about 500 lbs/acre. I think this could be the worst crop Madison Parish has had in many years. Early cotton was okay. The late cotton is picking from 300 to 400 lbs/acre, and grades are bad. On top of that, the pickers are making knee-deep ruts that will cost $30 per acre to fix. That could hinder the 2010 corn crop."

Tennessee, Tipton County, Extension: "We’ve picked about 25% of the crop (as of 11/10)."

Arkansas, Craighead County, Dealer: "We have picked about 80% of our acreage (as of 11/10). Average yield is about 1,000 lbs/acre. We’re 95% finished with corn and 90% finished with soybeans."

Arkansas, Phillips County, Extension: "We’ve picked about 60% of our cotton (as of 11/10). It’s averaging about 750 lbs/acre. Yields are off 20% to 25% and loan values around 47 cents. Beans are about 90% done. The average yield of 45 bu/acre does not account for weather damage."

Louisiana, Statewide, Extension: "About 75% of our crop has been picked (as of 11/10). Yields range from 350 to 900 lbs/acre. They’re not as low as expected. Many areas are still wet, so harvest is slowly progressing. With 10 days of dry weather, we will likely have 95% of the crop harvested. Soybean losses are excessive for the remainder in field."

Louisiana, West Carroll Parish, Dealer: "Our growers have picked 95% of the crop (as of 11/10). Average yield is about 800 lbs/acre."

Arkansas, Phillips County, Sales: "About 60% of our cotton has been picked (as of 11/10). Yields are running 600 to 800 lbs/acre. We will get another 20% harvested this week. Soybeans will be 90% finished at the end of this week. Rice is down to growers who are harvesting downed rice, and there aren’t many of them left. Milo is pretty much done. Some wheat plantings are picking up, but we don’t expect much to become of this unless it stays dry."

Tennessee, Lauderdale County, Extension: "We have picked about 40% of our crop (as of 11/10), and cotton has averaged about 900 lbs/acre. It had great potential (975 lb/acre) before 2 to 3 weeks of rain and cloudy weather set in. We saw a lot of boll rot and unopened bolls that reduced yield and probably lint quality. Corn was the crop to plant this year. Yields from 120 to 200 bu/acre are being reported. Soybeans have been disappointing but not bad – from 45 to 60 bu/acre."

Arkansas, Desha County, Ginner: "About 80% of our crop has been picked (as of 11/10). Average yield is about 750 lbs/acre."

Arkansas, Cross County, Extension: "We have picked about 65% of our crop (as of 11/9). Average yield is about 800 lbs/acre. We are about 90% complete with our rice harvest. Yields and quality both held up. Soybean harvest is 80% completed. Yields have been extremely variable, as has quality. Flooding claimed about 3,500 acres of soybeans."

Arkansas, Craighead County, Dealer: "We have picked about 35% of our crop (as of 11/9), and cotton has been averaging about 1,100 lbs/acre. Although bean harvest has been moving slowly, the yields have been averaging between 65 and 75 bu/acre."

Missouri, Dunklin County, Consultant: "About 35% of our cotton has been picked (as of 11/9). Average yield is about 1,000 lbs/acre."

Mississippi, Counties of Monroe, Lowndes, Lee, Itawamba, Prentiss, Alcorn and Tishomingo, Extension: "We have picked about 60% of the crop. Average yield is around 350 lbs/acre. We had an excellent crop before the rains in late September and October. We went from picking a 2.5 bale/acre crop before the rains came to picking a 250-500 lb/acre crop now (11/9). We’re halfway done with soybeans and 40% harvested in peanuts. Damage to soybeans has been minimal because of two reasons. First, we had a late-planted crop because of the wet planting conditions in the spring. Second, most of our soybeans were MG Vs, so a lot of those soybeans did not mature out until later, so the weather damage was minimal. Most MG IVs we had were heavily weather damaged. So far, quality grades on peanuts have been holding up better than we thought."

Arkansas, Lee County, Consultant: "We have harvested about 75% of the cotton (as of 11/8). Average yield is about 1,000 lbs/acre."

Mississippi, Holmes County, Grower: "We have picked about 45% of our cotton (as of 11/8). It’s averaging about 520 lbs/acre. I expect that 2009 will go down as the worst year for cotton in recent memory – half of normal yields and poor grades."

Mississippi, Panola County, Grower: "We’ve picked about 40% of the crop (as of 11/8). Cotton is averaging about 1,100 lbs/acre. We probably lost 30% to all the rain. Some varieties fared better than others. We just really got started picking around November 2-3. We’re still trying to figure out what this crop will make, but I’m guessing 1,050 to 1,150 lbs/acre. Beans and corn turned out much better than expected. We’re still cutting the MG Vs."

Arkansas, Phillips County, Extension: "About 60% of our crop has been harvested (as of 11/8). Cotton has averaged around 750 to 800 lbs/acre. Yields are 200 to 300 lbs/acre below average and loan values are in the 46- to 48-cent range. Out of 248,000 acres of soybeans, we’re 90% done. Average yield is 44 bu/acre, but we’ll take a big hit on damage."

Arkansas, Northeast Counties, Consultant: "We’ve picked about 60% of our crop (as of 11/8), with an average yield of around 1,000 lbs/acre, so far. Around here, 1,100 is good cotton this year. Very little is averaging 1,300. A good bit of cotton in some areas is averaging 900. Rice harvest is nearly done. Soybeans are done in some areas, but growers have a long way to go in other locations."

Missouri, Scott and Stoddard Counties, Grower: "We’ve picked about 35% of the cotton (as of 11/8). It’s averaging between 1,300 and 1,500 lbs/acre. Defoliation has been a little spotty. However, the top bolls have really begun to pop in the last 4 to 5 days due to some hot and sunny weather. I didn’t think they would ever open. This is helping, although I would say we’ve lost around 100 to 200 lbs/acre with the rain and wind. Rice was good, averaging 172 bu/acre, but could have been better without the rainy October (20-30 bu/acre lost). Hybrids did the best. We just had to grit our teeth and mud it out. Beans are doing pretty good for our area, averaging above 60 bu/acre, but the deep mud is holding us out of some fields. I hope the sunny, dry forecast holds."

Tennessee, Haywood County, Grower: "We have finished harvest, and our final yield is about 1,000 lbs/acre on 350 acres. All of my cotton is custom harvested. I averaged 900 lbs/acre dryland and 1,200 irrigated. Corn is 100% completed, and soybeans are 60% harvested."

Tennessee, Statewide, Extension: "We’re about 35% finished (as of 11/8), and cotton is averaging about 1,000 lbs/acre. The crop is much better than anticipated after the September-October monsoon season. Yields are still below what was on the plant prior to the 6-week rainy period. Most yields are coming in between 800 and 1,300 lbs/acre, with some below 800. Those are expected for the small April-planted portion of our crop and for anything replanted after June 5. The best cotton was planted May 15-25."

Missouri, Pemiscot County, Grower: "We’ve picked about 50% of our cotton (as of 11/8). Average yield is about 850 lbs/acre. Cotton yield would have been much greater IF a normal September and October weather pattern had prevailed. Hard lock and boll rot devoured our profit!"


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