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Virginia Cotton:

Harvest, Lint Quality and Yield

November 11, 2009 - So far the cotton harvest has been tremendous. We’re over half way done at 60 percent. Over two bale yield is being reported often. There have been plenty of 3-bale fields.  Modules have averaged higher bale numbers. 

  Quality is good also.  High micronaire has been the major quality issue on a little over 18% of the bales but that number will decrease as we move into the later cotton. 

Thanks to sophisticated technology, we have been able to keep leaf deductions to a minimum while maintaining high average turnouts.  

We have essentially NO staple deductions with most bales running 35 or 36, and high strength.  Color has also held up so far.

   Over the last 5 days, we had 1/4 of the total crop harvested.  Up until now we have been able to harvest and gin the cotton in about a week or so, this is going to change for cotton that was harvested the week prior to the storm. 

What to expect after the storm:  I am expecting to loose yield from this weather but the quality should remain  respectable.  Some varieties will be more negatively impacted by the weather and varieties with good storm resistance will stand out.  Also, we will continue to haul and gin fast, only the rate of picking has picked up dramatically so you will see modules remain in the field longer.  Module location will be much more important for the remainder of the harvest. 


Good luck and be safe.


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