Virginia Cotton: Damage Not as Bad as Expected

🕔Oct 12, 2018Farmers wake up in our region to a beautiful day after a sleepless night with howling winds.  I wouldn’t say we dodged the bullet this time as we got hit with 50 mph winds […]

DTN Cotton Close: Higher on Hurricane Michael

🕔Oct 12, 2018December Cotton settled markedly higher Friday, primarily on the devastation of Hurricane Michael to the southern crop. The tweets and pictures being circulating on social media paint a dire picture, […]

Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA

🕔Oct 12, 2018Average spot quotations were 59 points higher than the previous week, according to the USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service’s Cotton and Tobacco Program. Quotations for the base quality of cotton (color […]

Georgia Cotton: Start Documenting Hurricane Losses Now

🕔Oct 12, 2018On the afternoon of October 10 and into the early hours of October 11, Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc on southwest and Georgia and parts of east Georgia, taking an exceptional […]

DTN Cotton Open: Market Climbs on Damage Reports

🕔Oct 12, 2018December cotton is up nearly 200 points and climbing as the initial toll of Michael’s devastation is just being realized. In the extreme southern locations of the Alabama/Georgia areas of […]

Global Markets: Cotton – Mali, Burkina Faso Drive Record West Africa Exports

🕔Oct 12, 2018West Africa (WA) exports for 2018/19 are projected to surpass last year’s record, driven by record production. Mali and Burkina Faso are the largest producers and are forecast to have […]

Virginia Cotton: Low Pressure Coastal System

🕔Oct 11, 2018Rainfall amounts have been lowered by the updated forecast. The highest numbers I am seeing is around 3.5 inches and the overall expectation is around 2″ to 3″.  This whole […]

Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains Inundate Plains, Midwest

🕔Oct 11, 2018Southeast Dry weather prevailed regionwide. Outside a swath in the North Carolina mountains, rainfall was isolated and totaled a few tenths of an inch at best. The dry (and unusually […]

Southeast Cotton – Up to 90% Open Bolls in Hurricane Michael’s Path – DTN

🕔Oct 11, 2018With Hurricane Michael bearing down on the Southeast U.S., much of Georgia’s 1.5-million-acre cotton crop will be exposed to torrential rains and high winds on Wednesday and Thursday.   “The Georgia […]

WASDE Cotton: Increased Domestic Production, Reduced Exports

🕔Oct 11, 2018The 2018/19 U.S. cotton supply and demand estimates show higher ending stocks, based on slightly larger production and lower exports relative to last month. Production is raised 81,000 bales, with […]

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