AgFax Weekend: Farmland Prices Holding | Farm Income, Well…

🕔Feb 23, 2018In this week’s AgFax Weekend – Farmland Prices Holding | Farm Income, Well… | Herbicide Labels: Adjacent and Neighboring? | and more.

USDA Outlook: Plenty of Room for Improvement – DTN

🕔Feb 23, 2018A lower U.S. dollar value could boost agriculture exports, but the long-term outlook offers no real light at the end of the tunnel for the struggling farm economy, USDA’s chief […]

Cornbelt: February Matters in Terms of Revenue-Based Crop Insurance – DTN

corn yield
🕔Feb 23, 2018The month of February is important for growers in the key Corn Belt states who purchase revenue-based crop insurance policies. It’s when the projected prices for those policies are set. […]

Minnesota: Nutrient Management Podcast – Sulfur 101

🕔Feb 23, 2018Tune in to the latest Nutrient Management Podcast for a refresher on sulfur. Dan Kaiser, Jeff Vetsch and Paulo Pagliari discuss when to apply sulfur, where responses happen and what […]

Moving Grain: Lake Pepin Ice Measurements Begin

🕔Feb 22, 2018U.S. Army Corps of Engineers begins Lake Pepin Ice Measurements On February 21, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, began taking this year’s Lake Pepin ice measurements, […]

Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains Prevail for Most of the Country

🕔Feb 22, 2018Summary During the past week, large precipitation events affected the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, southern Plains, Midwest, Ohio Valley, Tennessee River Valley, and mid-Atlantic, alleviating drought conditions or preventing further degradations […]

Diesel, Gas Prices Decrease

🕔Feb 22, 2018The U.S. average diesel fuel price dropped nearly 4 cents to $3.03 per gallon on February 19, 2018, 46 cents higher than a year ago. Midwest prices fell five cents […]

DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends: Prices Inch Higher

🕔Feb 22, 2018Average retail fertilizer prices continued to inch higher the second week of February 2018, according to retailers surveyed by DTN. After several weeks of one fertilizer — potash — being […]

Ag Trade: U.S. Competitors Spending More on Promotional Programs

🕔Feb 22, 2018The latest analysis of foreign export promotion program investment shows that several competing countries and the European Union spent close to $1 billion in public funds on agricultural export promotion […]

Farm Income: Will It Really Drop to a 12-Year Low in 2018?

🕔Feb 22, 2018On February 7, USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) released their initial 2018 farm income forecasts. ERS forecasts a number of farm financial measures. The two most commonly reported measures are net […]

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