Keith Good, Editor Of Farm Policy, Winds Down His News Service

🕔Apr 3, 2015Keith Good wrapped up his Farm Policy web coverage this week. For the last 12-plus years he has kept the agricultural community informed about the latest developments in Washington and farm-related […]

Irrigation – Moisture Sensors Pay Dividends, Says This Consultant (Podcast)

🕔Mar 25, 2015Trent Lamastus, a Cleveland, Mississippi, crop consultant, pushed into moisture sensors and related irrigation technology in 2014. He saw accumulated savings for his growers, too. They pumped less, used less energy eased […]

Farmers Gained New Markets In The ’20s, Thanks To Clarence

🕔Mar 24, 2015March is Frozen Food Month, a time to recognize that work-a-day miracle that brings us nutritious foods year-round, and all we have to do is thaw them out. In a […]

Cotton – How Do They Make Blue Jeans Blue?

🕔Feb 24, 2015How do blue jeans get to be blue? As the video (above) shows, plenty of history had to unfold, plus a big dose of chemistry to make sure enough dye […]

Wild Hogs – Is This The Ultimate Trap Or What?

🕔Feb 23, 2015To paraphrase the inventor’s creed, “If you build a better wild hog trap, the world will come knocking at your door.” That’s what a couple of manufacturers hope will happen […]

California Ag And Twitter: Your Starter Kit

🕔Jul 27, 2014This week we’re introducing folks in our California ag community to Twitter. Granted, you’ve already heard of Twitter. It’s got one of those funny internet names that’s hard to forget. […]

Chicago Fed Paints Negative Ag Outlook – Blog

🕔Feb 13, 2014Is the farm economy in the Corn Belt slowing down? That seems to be the trend, based on a survey of bankers made by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. […]

Weeding The News: Blessings, Big Cabbages And An Interstate Egg Fight

🕔Feb 7, 2014Another installment of the odd, interesting and different news that I’ve turned up by chance this week. First, here are two things I’d like to see more of: #1. Blessings […]

Looking For Crawfish And Love, Among Other Things

🕔Jan 31, 2014Sitting in front of a computer most of the week, I tend to find odd and interesting things that don’t always fit into our website’s regular news holes. And I […]

Ag Robotics Could Be $18 Bln. Industry By 2020

🕔Jan 29, 2014The agricultural robot market, estimated at a paltry $817 million right now, could be a $16 billion industry within six years, according to a report by, an analytical service. […]

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