Missouri: Dicamba – 5 Requirements to Know Before You Purchase, Use

🕔Jan 26, 2018The Missouri Department of Agriculture issued 24c Special Local Need labeling of Engenia, Xtendimax, and Fexapan in order to minimize the potential for off-target movement of dicamba, the active ingredient.  […]

Missouri Rice: Furrow Irrigation Panel Included In Annual Meeting, February 8

🕔Jan 24, 2018Want to know more about furrow-irrigated rice? That will be one of the topics at the University of Missouri Extension’s 2018 Regional Rice Meeting on February 8 at the Malden […]

Missouri: Regional Cotton Meeting, Portageville, Feb. 6

🕔Jan 23, 2018For cotton farmers getting ready for 2018, the University of Missouri Extension will host its 2018 Regional Cotton Meeting on February 6 at the University of Missouri Fisher Delta Research […]

Missouri: Before Spraying Herbicides, Review Crop, Liability Insurance

🕔Dec 19, 2017Recent issues with dicamba spray drift have highlighted the need for producers to understand third-party liability associated with all herbicide applications, said University of Missouri Extension economist Ray Massey. Massey […]

Missouri: 5 Dicamba Training Clinics in Jan., Feb.

🕔Dec 19, 2017University of Missouri Extension weed scientist Kevin Bradley says registration is open for in-person training on synthetic auxin herbicides (dicamba and 2,4-D products). Registration for online training will be available […]

Missouri: Soil Testing Kits Are Available at Local MU Extension Centers

🕔Dec 18, 2017Submitting soil samples to your local University of Missouri Extension center is easy, says Manjula Nathan, director of the MU Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory. Now is the best time […]

Missouri Livestock: Cold Snap Brings Fescue Foot to Cows on Toxic Fescue Grass

🕔Dec 8, 2017A winter cold snap arrives. Cow’s blood flow slows. Cows start limping. It’s time to check herds for fescue foot. The first report of the disabling disease has come to […]

Missouri Corn: Fall Anhydrous Applications Carry Risks and Rewards

🕔Dec 7, 2017As harvest winds down, many farmers begin applications of anhydrous ammonia before the frozen ground forces them to park their tractors for the winter. While this is a widespread practice, […]

Southeast Missouri: 2018 Crop Budget Updates Ready For Your Numbers

🕔Dec 5, 2017The 2018 Southeast Missouri Crop Budgets and Crop Budgets with Crop Rent Analysis, can be found below. The crop budgets are in both Excel and PDF formats. With the Crop […]

Missouri: Crop Management Conference, Columbia, Dec. 14-15

🕔Dec 1, 2017“The Dicamba Dilemma” will be one of the top topics at the annual Crop Management Conference in Columbia, Dec. 14-15. The keynote talk by Kevin Bradley, University of Missouri Extension […]

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